How to Sort and Store Photos (pt. 5)
By jamie February 26, 2015

photos part 5 feature

I’m feeling successful! Officially this is the 5th Thursday of sorting and storing photos which means I’ve kept up with it! I know setting myself up for success is a big part of the reason I’ve been able to stick with organizing my photographs. In case you missed how to sort and store photos parts 1-4 you can catch up >>>

Keep This Toss That
By jamie February 25, 2015


Coming to a bookshelf near you! Keep This Toss That Unclutter Your Life to Save Time, Money, Space, and Sanity a new book by yours truly. I am so excited to share this book with you! This is unlike any other organizing book out there (really) Keep This Toss That actually shows you what to keep and what to toss. >>>

Toss It Tuesday: The Pen Cup Edition
By jamie February 24, 2015

pen cup feature

This week for Toss It Tuesday we’re focusing on the pen cup. Won’t it be nice to know every pen or marker you grab will actually write! Take a moment now to check the pens and toss those that don’t write and are not refillable. These Toss It Tuesday tips are based on the new book KEEP THIS TOSS THAT >>>

How to Organize Those Clippings and Paper Scraps
By jamie February 23, 2015


I have a secret to share, the secret of how I organize all those clippings and paper scraps – the ones I tear out of magazines – so I can reference them later. I’d often think “I don’t want to misplace it!” or “I’ve gotta remember that!” I figure no sense keeping them if I can’t find them later. But >>>

Holly Saturday
By jamie February 21, 2015

holly sat 2-14-15

Foodie Friday: Best Blondie Recipe
By jamie February 20, 2015

foodie friday blondie social

Do you like brownies? Me too! Know what I like even more than brownies? Blondies! When I searched ‘best blondie recipe’ Sally’s Baking Addiction recipe popped up. Now I told you I searched online for the best simple and delicious Blondie recipe. What I didn’t tell you was WHEN I did the search. As you can see from the printout >>>

How to Sort and Store Photos (pt. 4)
By jamie February 19, 2015

How to Sort and Store Photos part 4 Jamie Novak

Last week I finally sorted that smallish tub of photographs, if you missed it you can catch up here and here.   With that tub finally sorted I needed a new container of photos to go through – and believe me I don’t have a shortage of photos to choose from. I knew there was one large box, looking for >>>

How to Stop Junk Mail
By jamie February 18, 2015

junk mail

Have you ever wondered how to stop junk mail? Every time one of these little blue envelopes arrives in my mailbox I wonder the same thing. I think about just tossing it in the recycling bin but then something inside me wonders if this time will be THE TIME there is a coupon inside I would actually use. So I >>>

When Should I Replace My Pillows
By jamie February 17, 2015

toss it tuesday

Today is Toss It Tuesday! If you are a saver of stuff then this is the perfect day to reconsider something you’ve been keeping that really needs to just go. And if you love tossing stuff, well then this is your kind of day! This week I’m focusing on my bed pillows. The fact that mine can do this, is >>>

How to Clean Out a Closet
By jamie February 16, 2015

closet feature

Seriously know I called this How To Clean Out a Closet but I should titled this “The GREAT Closet Clean-out of February 2015!” Actually, “What WAS I thinking?” is a more accurate title.  It all started when I went looking for a box of photographs. Can you see them in the bottom of the closet? On the right hand side, >>>