1st BIG Organizing Mistake (part 1 of 3)
By jamie August 16, 2016


Have you ever wondered if you are organizing correctly? “Am I doing this right?” is a question I get asked all the time. So I thought I’d talk about the 3 biggest organizing mistakes we make. This week we’ll focus on Mistake #1. Be sure to look for Mistake #2 in your inbox on Aug. 30th and Mistake #3 arrives >>>

50 Days Left
By jamie August 2, 2016


I am not an alarmist and the whole “X number of days” until something can be a stressful thought. On the other hand, I do think it is helpful to keep a sense of time about important things, like how many days are left in summer. Here’s the thing; at the start of summer, I had grand plans of dining >>>

No-Cook Go-To Dinners
By jamie July 19, 2016


It all started with a mason jar on the clearance shelf of my local home store. It called to me; I had to have it! The possibilities were endless! I could make homemade lemonade and drink it from the jar. I could make a salad in a jar and carry it with me on a hot summer day. I could >>>

WAIT! Why are you storing that?
By jamie July 5, 2016


Stop me when this sounds familiar. I pulled open “that” drawer (the one with all the random things I can’t decide what to do with) and I stuffed in a handful of leftover American Flag themed plates and napkins. Oh, and an eight pack of bubbles, can’t forget the bubbles!               I mean why wouldn’t I? Independence Day will >>>

Start Here When Organizing
By jamie June 21, 2016


Not sure where to begin? Need to jump-start your organizing? Feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Start Here: with the take-out menus. Admittedly this might sound like an odd idea, especially if you feel like your every space is cluttered! Take-out menus can feel like the least of your problems; but stick with me, I’ll explain. I like the idea of starting with >>>

Don’t Miss The Sunset
By jamie June 7, 2016


I stopped to capture this gorgeous sunset on camera. I stopped. If I hadn’t stopped, I would have missed it. Are you stopping? There is a good chance that your clutter, your calendar, your life keeps you going – and going – and going. Which is a good thing. Unless you never stop. Sometimes we need to stop! Stop to >>>

Pictures You Promised People
By jamie May 31, 2016

capture 123

I hit the ‘gallery’ icon on my phone and there is was – the picture I promised to send my sister (a few weeks ago.) Whoops.                 She knows how much I heart dragonflies and for my birthday she bought me a strand of tiny, light-up dragonflies. Near my desk I have a >>>

How To Toss It?
By jamie May 17, 2016


This week let’s both let go of something that needs to be tossed – but because we didn’t know what to do with it we held onto it – otherwise known as CLUTTER!               This is my favorite printer. It hardly ever jams. It is good on ink. It is reliable. Strike that – >>>

Clothing: a simple stress-free seasonal swap
By jamie May 10, 2016

clothing seasonal swap out by Jamie Novak jpeg

click here to print the seasonal swap out cheat sheet Could you use some extra closet space? If so then it might be time to store away a few things you won’t need in the coming months. Usually you’d grab a big storage tub and toss everything inside. THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE!! The tub will be super heavy to >>>

Use Something Up
By jamie May 3, 2016


A few weeks (okay, maybe months) ago I tried a new recipe from my shoe-box of clipped but hardly ever prepared recipes. It called for a packet of sesame seeds – which I purchased.                 I made the dish – sesame chicken – yum! But it had L-O-T-S of steps. Now I’m stuck >>>