12 Things To-Do This October

capturevReady to tackle a few tasks to make everyday a little easier?

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Life is busy and I know you have a lot going on. Today I have a short list that will, hopefully, make your life easier. But BEFORE we jump to the list of even more things to-do I’d like to invite you to take 3 seconds to recall something you accomplished.

Now breathe in success and breathe out stress.

I bet you are quick to dismiss or diminish your accomplishments. I want you to stop and recognize them, large or small, I invite you to be proud of the things you do.

Sometimes life can be hard. And besides the clutter I may not know everything you have to deal with. But I get it and I know you are doing more than you realize.

I find doing things in advance can help make the day run smoother. So here is a short list, see which of these you might want to tackle today:






  1. Look over your calendar for the month, see what you need, like a greeting card, and then buy it today.
  2. €Book upcoming appointments like hair, manicure, car oil change, pet groomer and so on. Choose the first one of the day or the one right after lunch, bettering your chances of being taken on time.
  3. €Stick a few return address labels into your wallet to stick on a form in lieu of writing out all your information.
  4. €Create a zone in your kitchen with all the items needed for a daily task like packing lunch, making a cup of coffee or tea to go, or baking.
  5. €Gather reusable tote bags; wash the canvas ones and purge any icky ones.
  6. €Move a rarely used counter top appliance to reclaim more space.
  7. €Check and if necessary replace your car’s wiper blades.
  8. €Set a timer for 18 minutes and read as many items from your “to read” pile as you can, then recycle them as needed.
  9. €Add a stick up, battery operated light to make a space more functional like under a sink or in a closet.
  10. €Stock up on gift wrap tape for all the upcoming holiday gifts.
  11. €Read, process, then delete twenty-five emails from your in-box.
  12. €Move a clutter collector out of the way, like that chair in the corner of the bedroom that has become a makeshift closet.