You might be surprised to learn I have magnets on my fridge! Yes, it is true. I know the typical “expert” answer is to keep a clear fridge – but not me. The front of my fridge isn’t magnetized so I have two magnets on the side. The first is Snoopy (I love the Peanuts Gang) and the second is a four leaf clover. Both of these hung on my Mom’s fridge so I would see them everyday. Now it makes me happy to see them in my own kitchen. But if my fridge was covered with tons of magnets and papers and other clutter I’d miss them.

That’s where today’s “toss” comes in. Removing the excess gives us the ability to enjoy and make new memories! Something else I enjoy about my fridge is having items grouped together. I’ve talked before about my love of these baskets. They make my life a whole lot easier. I contain things inside and can grab it all at once. I use one for the marinades and condiments, one for sandwich making stuff including pickles, and one for Holly’s homemade food. I bought a few sets of these because the fridge is not the only place I use them. I have some in the pantry, under the sink, in the linen closet, in the utility closet, in the clothes closet and for my crafts. I really like the color coding – at a glance I know my spices are in the red basket and my baking is in the blue one. Happy organizing!

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