Raise your hand if you haven’t seen the top of your table in a long time because it is covered with paperwork. Many of us don’t even remember what color our table it because it has been so long since we’ve seen it! Today let’s get the junk mail out the door and take a step to prevent it from coming back! Ready? Let’s do this!

Paperwork is the one topic I get asked about most often. If you’re confused about which papers to keep join me when I present Sort File Shred a virtual program. I’ll give you all the answers about paperwork at 4pm on Jan. 21st (register now) and/or 7pm on Jan. 26th (register now) Choose to come to one program or both if you want even more help with papers. You can stop unwanted catalogs through CatalogChoice.org. And this roller makes it super simple to block your name and sensitive info before recycling junk mail.

And this is the desktop file box I think is a must have to keep your paperwork organized. I’ll talk about how to use it on the 21st. And if you have my book, Keep This Toss That, you can find the direction in the paperwork charter.

Happy Book Birthday! Keep This Toss That turned one year old yesterday. If you don’t have a copy you can get one wherever books are sold. Reading about organizing is almost the same as actually organizing 🙂 And pro tip: the book makes a great paperweight to hold down piles of paperwork.

And if you already have a copy it would mean a lot if you’d write a quick review. Just a few words would really help me.

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