• How to Organize Your Clothes Closet

    Today the assignment is to find one article of clothing, one pair of shoes, or one accessory you no longer need. If it is still in good condition you can donate it. If it is beyond useable toss or recycle. And if it needs to be replaced add it to your shopping list and if it needs to be repaired let’s get that done so you can use it.

  • How to Organize Your Bathroom

    Yep, we’re going there! Bring a flashlight – it can be dark under the sink and you never know what you will find. So you can see what you have stored under there, add these lights. Motion activated, battery operated, stick up (no screws needed) these are just what you need to keep the space tidy.

  • How to Organize Your Living Room

    Let’s keep those end tables clear. What is something that always lands there? Can you create nearby storage to make it easy to put it away? Or maybe you simply have to clear something that was left there. Let’s do it!

  • How to Organize Your Dining Room

    What item can you find in the dining room to “toss” by donating or sharing or using up? Sort out the sideboard or the hutch today.

  • How to Organize Your Refrigerator

    Is it even a fridge if you don’t have one open bottle of something that is WAAAYYYY too old? Today is the day to open the door and sort out the shelves. See what you can find to toss. And maybe designate one area for leftovers so they are consumed before they become unidentifiable.

  • How to Organize Your Bakeware

    Yay! Today is my birthday – which means cake! Making it the perfect day to touch up the bakeware supply. Do you have a pan you never use or that doesn’t bake well? Maybe a duplicate item or one that is so rusty or dented it is beyond useable? Let’s toss a bakeware item today. Maybe you have a mini cake pop tray for making cake pops yet you’ve never made a cake pop. I know you’re thinking, if I donate it today then tomorrow I will need to bake cake pops. It’s all happened to us, we let something go only to need it. Chances are your neighbor owns the tray too, so you can let yours go and ask to borrow theirs if needed.

  • How to Organize Your Car

    We often forget to tidy up the car. Today is the day to do just that. Look for something to toss from the trunk or glovebox. Or maybe the cup holder or console. See what you can remove.

  • How to Organize Your Livingroom

    Today we are going to toss something from your living room coffee table. You might find something from the table top or a drawer. The choice is yours.

  • How to Organize Your Office

    Looking to tidy your office/home office? Today we toss something from your desktop. If your desktop is also your kitchen, dining, or coffee table then this is your chance to reclaim the space.

  • How to Organize Your Closet