You know how a company mails you a catalog and to pressure you into ordering they put a notice on the front of the catalog that says “if you don’t order then this will be your last catalog!” Is it ever the last catalog? No!! They just keep coming.

Today let’s dive into that catalog pile and find at least one we can recycle. You can unsubscribe easily from almost any catalog at

The great news about recycling catalogs is you can never make a wrong decision. Let’s say you let it go and then you regret it You can always ask the company to mail you another one and you know what they will! Plus, most catalogs are available to view online. And of course we have to ask ourselves, what are we ordering from the catalog anyway? There’s a really good chance you didn’t need it in the first place. Catalogs are a lot like a window shopping the pages are filled with things you never knew you needed until you flipped through the it.

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