Turns out I don’t zest as much citrus as I thought I would when I just had to buy that high-end zester. Who knew? I’m keeping my smaller zester for zesting emergencies and I’m donating the fancy one. My hope is it ends up with someone who actually zests.

In other news the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th garlic presses are out of here! One is annoying to clean, one is too difficult to operate, and I don’t even know how to work the other one. I could find out but I’d have to track down the owners manual then find my magnifying glass so I could read the itty bitty print. I think not.

And you know what flimsy pancake turner – you’re leaving as well. Melted spatula you can join pancake turner. And cracked wooden spoon I think we all know what your fate is. It’s been fun, but I need my drawer space back.

If you are even unsure exactly which gadgets you use versus which gadgets you think you use here’s a tip: dump the whole drawer of stuff into a box. Sit the box on the countertop. Over the next week or two anything you reach for, use, wash, and return to the drawer. At the end of the two weeks anything still stuck in the box deserves a second look. You might “toss” it or if you use it occasionally relocate it to a less in the way spot. Just don’t put it in such a safe place that you forget where you put it. Not that I know anything about doing that 😉

You can donate gadgets check out DonationTown.org or pass them onto friends, family, neighbors who need them.

And in case you need drawer dividers to keep your six garlic presses together try dividers instead of a drawer organizer. You lose space with the organizer where dividers are fully customizable and take up less space so you have more room to store stuff!

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