Let’s talk about lost gloves and outgrown winter boots. The first thing I’d like to say is that IF you build snowmen then gather up mismatched pieces and box them up for outfitting your snowman after the next snowstorm. If you think this sounds like a great idea but you’ve never built a snowman, I doubt you’ll start now, so disregard this tip and read on.

Outgrown boots, extra jackets, and scarves that make your face itch can all be donated. Hopefully they’ll go to someone with less sensitive skin. Reminder: always check the pockets of clothes before donating them.

Yes, you can donate single items. Organizations will try to make a match from other singles. Or they may sell them in the crafting section. Which is a good thing since most crafters dislike ruining new things.

So to sum up: box with stuff to build a snowman only if you actually build snowmen. Donate mismatched or outgrown, just check the pockets first. And finally create space to store the stuff you do use, making getting dressed a little easier!

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