3 Reasons to Love a Rolling Cart

My name is Jamie and I have a quirky closet!

  • First, it has bypass doors, which means I can only access one side at a time.
  • Second, it is deeper than it is wide which means stuff gets lost in the dark, cavernous way back.
  • Third, it only has one hanging bar and a flimsy shelf installed way too high to reach without a step ladder.

All this lead me to find more usable space- without breaking the bank!

The solution: A ROLLING CART.

Keep reading even if you have tried a rolling cart without much success.

I love a rolling cart for three specific reasons:

  1. You can roll the cart out, easily find what you need, then roll it back into the closet.
  2. You can roll stuff you need around the house. Let’s say you want to craft, you can roll your cart with craft supplies to the table – craft – and roll them back. This idea also works with paperwork/paying bills, sorting photographs and much more!
  3. You can roll your stuff to rotate it. Do you swap out seasonal clothing, seasonal decor, toys, cute collections or anything else? Would you if it were easier? Fill two rolling carts then roll one in front of the other to reach when you need.

Five helpful tips:

  • Measure first! In the store you can never tell which cart is the best choice.
  • More importantly take the measurements with you to the store.
  • Don’t forget to adjust the height based on adding the wheels once you get it home.
  • Bring the big car when you go shopping, these carts don’t always fit in a compact car. Or opt to order it online and have it delivered.
  • Check the drawers. Some drawers narrow at certain points so if you need a true 12×12 square drawer for scrapbook paper be sure it will fit. You might even bring a piece with you to try it out.

Oh and don’t forget there is no one perfect rolling cart. You can spend a lot of time trying to pick out a cart that will be the perfect solution. You can also get so overwhelmed by all the choices that you tell yourself you’ll pick one out later- but later will never come.

Pick one that meets your top three criteria. Keep the receipt handy in case you need to return it. And try it out!

Finally, shop from home first. You may have forgotten you already have a rolling cart in another room.

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