3 Ways a Curtain Rod Can Make Your Kitchen More Organized

It happened again! All I wanted to do was cook dinner- we were having tacos. I needed my favorite pan with the lid. But the lid was nowhere to be found. My hunger grew stronger as I sorted through a pile of pans and lids. I had to move multiple pans to search for the lid. Lids were clattering to the floor and ordering a pizza for dinner was sounding better and better by the minute.

Finally SUCCESS! I found the lid.

I knew I has to rework the kitchen cabinets.

Would it be nice to remodel the kitchen and invest in those super fancy cabinets with the organization built in? Sure! Is that going to happen? Not likely.

Would it be nice to going on a shopping spree to the store that sells all those neat organizers? Sure! Is that going to happen? Not likely.

What would be happening? This:

  • Me taking the spring loaded tension curtain rod out of the curtains in the window that needed to come down at least a year ago anyway.
  • Me re-purposing that spring loaded curtain rod to “customize” my cabinets.
  • Me buying two more unbelievably budget priced spring loaded curtain rods to complete my kitchen makeover.
  • Me buying a pizza because now I really want a slice of pizza.

I’m going to show you how I used the spring loaded curtain rod. If you are going to try one or more of these ideas the BEST advice I have is measure first. Well, measure first AND take the measurements with you to the store.

Personally, I sent myself a text message with the numbers.

The tension versions expand so a basic rod might fit anywhere from 24″ to 36″ or a larger version might cover 36″ to 54″ the problem is when you are in the store it is nearly impossible to know which one is the correct size.

Okay so here’s how you can use them:

Way #1 Divide a Drawer

With the tension rod near the front of the drawer you can stand up lids. And not just pot lids, you can stand up food storage container lids too! Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless!








Way #2 Divide a Cabinet

No more stacking bake ware, lids, pots, trays and platters. Instead stand the rod up inside the cabinet and lean item to keep them from tipping over.










Way #3 Under Sink Hanger

You can just about double your storage space when you hang your cleaning spray bottles by the trigger. That frees up the standing room to store other items. (Note: this idea works well under a sink but it of course never keep dangerous items under a sink where pets or children can reach them.)










As you put the tension rods in place take a moment to edit what is in the cabinet. I bet you will find some long forgotten “gems.”

Rusty pots? Baking sheets that always burn the cookies? Dangerous to cook with pots or lids that are not in good condition? You know the answer…

The keepers will be stored easily within reach!

What a fun spring organizing task. Plus if you do it right you get pizza at the end so it is well worth the time and effort.

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