5 Biggest Closet Organizing Mistakes

Are you making any of these closet organizing mistakes? If so, good news, there is a quick fix for each one!

Ready, here are the top 5:

1. No Memory Box

If you don’t have a place to store sentimental clothing then it gets mixed up in your everyday outfits. Keep a box nearby as the one place to tuck those special articles of clothing.

Something like a t-shirt from a volunteer event that means a lot to you – but you will never wear. An alternative to keeping the actual item is to take a photo.

And if you have a few special memorabilia pieces you’d like made into a quilt or teddy bear check out the crafters at Etsy.

2. No Lighting

If you can not see the space then you can not use the space, at least not easily.

You end up wasting time trying to tell black pants from navy or searching for two matching shoes on the floor of your closet.

Simple, bright, stick-up, battery-operated lighting is a quick fix.

3. No Step Stool

If you can not reach the space you can not use the space, at least not easily.

Tossing clothing onto the top shelf and hoping it doesn’t come tumbling down is not a solid organizing strategy.

Adding a slim step-stool to the closet means you can step up to reach space that was previously wasted or not used as well as it could have been.

4. No Organizers

They don’t have to be expensive, even inexpensive hooks or an over-the-door organizer can give you more space and help keep things organized.

5. No Donate Bag

If you put “not right for you any longer” items back into your closet or dresser drawer, then you must go back through them again later. Instead try deciding about them in the moment. Keep a bag on the floor of the closet for donations or to share with friends.

I talked more about this a few weeks ago, you can read it here.

And the BIGGEST mistake of all?

No routine.

If you don’t spend time tidying up the space when it is a bit of a mess then you’ll never want to deal with it when it becomes overwhelming.

Quick touch-ups to keep things organized takes a lot less time and effort than a marathon organizing session when things pile up.

And if you already feel like you are at the “out of control/overwhelmed” place don’t worry. Simply set a timer for 10 minutes and spend the time picking things up off the floor.

You have to start somewhere – taking action to solve one of the biggest mistakes is a great place to begin!