5 Most Forgotten Vacation Prep Tips

Will you be packing for a vacation soon? If so, can you guess the five items most likely to be forgotten when packing?

Will you be going out of town soon? If so, will you remember to do these five things before you go?

Will you be taking a day trip soon? If so, will you check these five tasks off your list before you go?

Five most forgotten items:

  1. A laundry bag or a pop up hamper
  2. A flashlight – perfect for an evening walk or if the power fails in your rental
  3. The chargers for all the electronics you will bring with you
  4. An umbrella – it can rain – even on your vacation
  5. Some empty tote bags – a grab and go bag for almost anything (remember you will not have your entire bag collection handy in your hall closet – so bring a few with you)

Setting up a “take me with you” bag/box/bin/basket now can help you remember to take these items with you. Designate a single place to store items as you come across them until the time you pack them. For items you need to use until you go or for larger items toss a note in the container as a reminder.

Five most forgotten to-do’s:

  1. Stock the freezer for your return
  2. Prepay bills that will come due while you are away
  3. Return books to the library or movies or anything else you need to return
  4. Call your credit card company to let them know you will be using your card in another state or country. This will avoid your card from being flagged for unusual activity; which (as a precaution) might shut your card down causing your card to be declined.
  5. Check fridge for food that will expire while you are gone

Five most overlooked tasks:

  1. Take out the trash
  2. Remove the last load of laundry from the washer/dryer
  3. Check the car: fluids (like oil and windshield wiper fluid) and the tire pressure
  4. Set lights, TV, and/or radio on a vacation timer
  5. Make the bed with fresh sheets

You probably have your own prep checklist, if not start one this trip and KEEP it so you can re-use it next time!

And remember all the lists and checklists are great and yes, they can help. But the most important part is being as prepared as possible then having fun! Enjoy the time and make lots of new, lasting memories.

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