About Countdown to Clutter Free

Organize anything in minutes!
Small projects with big results.

These are the top 10 reasons why you’ll love the clutter free countdown challenge idea:

  1. You move faster when you are trying to “beat the clock”
  2. You are more focused on one project and less likely to get distracted
  3. You make quicker decisions when there is a limited amount of time
  4. You get a lot more done in a short window of time
  5. You are less likely to procrastinate, it’s only a few minutes so you are motivated to begin
  6. You know your goal is to work until the buzzer rings, you have a clear stopping point
  7. You feel less overwhelmed when a large task is broken up into smaller bits
  8. You have the reward of a job well done to look forward to
  9. You will make noticeable progress which is motivating
  10. You can get things done even when you are busy or not feeling energetic