Avoid the Nothing to Wear Scenario

Have you ever open the door to your clothes closet and realized you have nothing to wear?

Having nothing to wear is usually a result of owning too many clothes, not too few. You might not think so; but it’s true.

When there are too many clothes crammed into a space it is practically impossible to coordinate an outfit you feel good wearing. Plus items get wrinkled or torn.

And let’s not even talk about the shoes; since you need a flashlight and a search party to find a matching pair on the floor of your closet!

Not having anything to wear on a regular day is bad enough but when it happens on a holiday or special occasion it is even more stressful.

Not having anything to wear can send us to the store to grab a last minute outfit which wastes our time and our money. And brings in even more clutter.

The solution: choose your outfits today!

Take a look at your calendar, what upcoming plans require special outfits? A family party? A wedding? A family photo? A BBQ? A vacation?

Today is the day to choose your outfit options with accessories. Since you don’t know the weather forecast or how you’ll feel on the day give yourself a few options.

You might know you want to wear your new sandals and skirt but you might go with the blouse or lightweight sweater.

Choose the outfit and the shoes and the accessories.

Then, and I can’t stress this step enough, try the outfit on!

Trying the outfit on means 1. you know it fits 2. it is not stained and 3. it is not in need of mending.

Doing this inventory now ensures you’ll have what you need on the day.

And if needed you have ample time to borrow or buy something new to complete the ensemble.

Insider tip: one of the best things I ever did was to dress up my basic spring sandals by adding clip-on costume earring to them. Instead of spending money buying many fancy spring and summer shoes that I’d rarely wear – I simply turned my ordinary shoes into something super special.

Set a timer for (you guessed it) 10 minutes and challenge yourself to put together five complete outfits before the buzzer sounds.

Just imagine how successful you will feel opening your closet and finding outfits you love ready to wear.

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