• Where to donate a piano
    where to donate a piano

    Are you wondering where to donate your piano? If you have a “still good” piano to donate, then check out these organizations, they will put your piano to good use:

    • pianosforeducation.org
    • beethovenfoundation.com
    • pianosforpeace.org

    When you are organizing your living room, a great place to start is by relocating or donating a large item. In this case, a piano! If you don’t use it, then donate it so others can make music. If you use your piano or don’t have one to share, then look for something else you can give away. When you move one big item you free up a bunch of space quickly, sometimes that quick change can be just the the jumpstart you need to continue decluttering.

    Keep Going

    Now that you know where to donate a piano; here are some other ways to declutter and organize your living room.

    1. Clean out the end table drawers.
    2. Assign one storage spot for all the random, “I’m not sure what these go to” cords and cables.
    3. Go through the cubbies and drawers in the TV stand or media center.
    4. Slip a storage basket underneath the coffee table, console table, or end table for additional, concealed storage options.
    5. Clear the top of the coffee table and keep it clutter-free by having a place to put the remote controls, the reading material, and in-progress crafts.

    Need even more resources? Check out Where to Donate Items.

    Now that you know how to declutter the kitchen, I hope you can join me online for one of these free online programs coming up this week: What to declutter todayDeclutter this summerDeclutter sentimental items7 tiny decluttering ideas. And if you don’t have a copy of Keep This Toss That I’d suggest picking one up today. You’ll find yourself highlighting pages and using it as an ongoing reference. Plus, it makes a great paperweight for the pile of papers you keep saying you’ll go through one day.

    High five! You did a great job getting started. And now you know where to donate your piano.

  • How to declutter the kitchen
    how to declutter the kitchen

    Are you looking for an easy answer to the question, “how to declutter the kitchen?” I have a quick win to get you started – declutter the top and outside of the refrigerator. The fridge is spot where clutter can accumulate. Magnets is one of the things that can make your entire kitchen look clutter-filled.

    Are you saying, “but wait Jamie, I LOVE my magnets and I want to keep them. What can I do?” Great question, my good friend M.L. shared her fantastic idea for displaying those special magnets. She arranged them on a framed magnetic board! That way her refrigerator stays clutter-free and the magnets stay safe (no spills, stains, or breakage.) Then she can appreciate all her treasured magnets as a collection.

    And don’t overlook the top of the fridge. Use up that half empty box of cereal then dust off the one decoration you’ll find behind the open a bag of crackers. Use baskets to prevent losing items towards the back of the top of the fridge. Choose a basket with an easy to reach handle. Or opt for an open bin that you place on the side with the top (open part) facing forward. It will act as a container to keep things easy to reach and less likely to tip over.

    Check out more way to get organized:

    How to organize your freezer drawer.

    Coming Up!

    Now that you know how to declutter the kitchen, I hope you can join me online for one of these free online programs coming up this week: What to declutter todayDeclutter this summerDeclutter sentimental items7 tiny decluttering ideas. And if you don’t have a copy of Keep This Toss That I’d suggest picking one up today. You’ll find yourself highlighting pages and using it as an ongoing reference. Plus, it makes a great paperweight for the pile of papers you keep saying you’ll go through one day.

    High five! You did a great job getting started, this is how to declutter the kitchen.

  • How to organize a small closet

    Before we get into how to organize a small closet – we need to pare down to only the items you are keeping – otherwise you are organizing clutter. Jumpstart the whole process by going for a quick win: scan the shelves of the closet and identify one item that you no longer need. Take it out of the closet and bag it up to donate or give to someone you know. Repeat the process to see if there are two or three more items that you are not using. The more you give away or get out of your house, the fewer things you’ll have to organize in the closet.

    Small closets are particularly challenging because they have less room. But also because oftentimes they have sloped ceilings, deeper shelves, or narrow doorways.

    Storing out of season items in zipper containers with clear windows is a great tip. The view through window let’s you easily see what’s inside the container, without opening it. Keep only what you are currently using in the easiest to reach spots of the closet.

    Check out more way to get organized:

    How to organize food storage containers

    Coming Up!

    I hope you can join me online for one of these free online programs coming up next week: What to declutter todayDeclutter this summerDeclutter sentimental items7 tiny decluttering ideas. And if you don’t have a copy of Keep This Toss That I’d suggest picking one up today. You’ll find yourself highlighting pages and using it as an ongoing reference. Plus, it makes a great paperweight for the pile of papers you keep saying you’ll go through one day.

  • How to organize your bathroom
    how to organize your bathroom

    Here is a quick win to get you started if you are wondering how to organize your bathroom, refresh the bathmat. An old, threadbare mat isn’t absorbent. You deserve a non-slip, plush bathmat.

    Adding a new bathmat can be just the jumpstart you need, it can motivate you to tidy the other areas. One you do one fun thing, there is a good chance you’ll want to do more tasks. And adding a fresh item, like a bathmat, can make you want to refresh the rest of the bath.

    What’s next?

    Here’s what else you can do if you are wondering how to organize your bathroom:

    1. Medicine cabinet make-over. Most Police Departments and some pharmacies accept old, outdated, unused medications for proper disposal.
    2. Stack the towels. There is still a debate about which folding or rolling technique saves the most space. Either way you do it, just stack them in a tidy pile.
    3. The time has come to declutter the corners of the shower. That might mean you need to use up an almost empty body wash. And opt for a shower caddy for the ones you are keeping.
    4. Reclaim the space under the sink with an under sink organizer.
    5. Clear the drawer and the vanity top. Lose the rusty bobby pins and years old make-up.
    Coming Up!

    I hope you can join me online for one of these free online programs coming up next week: What to declutter todayDeclutter this summerDeclutter sentimental items7 tiny decluttering ideas. And if you don’t have a copy of Keep This Toss That I’d suggest picking one up today. You’ll find yourself highlighting pages and using it as an ongoing reference. Plus, it makes a great paperweight for the pile of papers you keep saying you’ll go through one day.

    Great job learning how to organize your bathroom!

  • How to stop junk mail
    how to stop junk mail
    This is how to stop junk mail.
    1. Have you ever requested a catalog from a company, only to then find you’re receiving catalogs from other companies that you never asked for?
    2. Have you ever seen the warning on the front of a catalog that says, ‘if you don’t order it will be your last catalog’, only it’s never your last catalog, they just keep arriving in the mail?
    3. Have you ever wanted to get your name off the mailing lists, but it was too much effort to contact each company? Then try the free junk mail removal service through catalogchoice.org.
    New rule: all incoming mail goes in the mail holder. Process mail once a week.

    Great news, you can stop junk mail, regret free. If you regret not getting the catalog delivered to your house, call them and they will gladly add you back to the list.

    New rule: don’t bring catalogs inside if you don’t need to.

    Don’t bring in any catalog if you find they are filled with the things you never knew you needed until you skimmed the catalog. If you can’t resist buying more clutter, then skip the temptation. You can always shop their online store. Concerned you’ll forget which places you like to shop from? Keep a running list of the companies you have ordered from, that way you’ll have confidence if you’ll be able to order again.

    New rule: new catalog in the mail – old catalog into the recycling.

    I hope you can join me online for one of these free online programs coming up next week: What to declutter today. Declutter this summer. Declutter sentimental items. 7 tiny decluttering ideas. And if you don’t have a copy of Keep This Toss That I’d suggest picking one up today. You’ll find yourself highlighting pages and using it as an ongoing reference. Plus, it makes a great paperweight for the pile of papers you keep saying you’ll go through one day.

  • Where to donate items
    Where to donate items

    Today I have the answer if you are wondering where to donate items. The answer: print a free, prepaid shipping label at GiveBackBox.com. Then fill a box with donations. Tape the label to the box and you’re done!

    Where to donate items

    Of course this is just one idea. You can also schedule a pick up with a national organization through DonationTown.org or GiveBackBox.com. Or you may have a local organization you like to support.

    But do you know the one thing you have to do before you can give things you are not using away? You need to bag or box them up. Thinking about sharing your unused items is not the same as decluttering a space and boxing them up.

    Now that you know where to donate things, the next step is collecting the things from around you house to donate. While you are sorting stuff try asking yourself one of my favorite questions to help me choose what to keep and what to “toss”.

    Helpful questions to ask when you are thinking to donate an item:
    1. Would I buy today full price?
    2. Would I move with this – if I were moving to another country?
    3. Is this easily available to me elsewhere?
    4. Would someone love it more than me?
    5. Keeping out of a love or guilt?
    6. Am I avoiding dealing with something by saving this?
    7. Am I keeping it “just in case” I need it?  
    8. Would I value the space, time, and clarity, more than this item?
    9. Does keeping this make my life simpler or more pleasant?
    10. Do I have more than one of these?
    11. Is it easily replaceable and/or can I borrow it if I need it?
    Possible Hiccup

    When you are decluttering and bagging up items you don’t use to donate you can have a hiccup or two. First you can forget to label the bag “donations” which means you’ll want to look through the bag to be sure you didn’t mix up the trash. When looking through the bag you may start to reconsider your decisions. You’ll take items out of the bag which means you are now shopping from your own donations. Also, if you make the bag, but never give the bag away you still have the stuff. Keeping the donations in your garage is not the same as getting rid of them. And driving around with a bag of donations in the trunk of your car for a year is a real possibility, unless you schedule the drop-off or plan a pick-up.

    If you are wondering what to declutter today join me for this free online class. And find out why pet shelters love it when you declutter your linen closet.

  • How to prioritize your to do list
    How to prioritize your to do list

    Learning how to prioritize your to do list, even when it is two pages long, does not have to be difficult. Before we get into how to prioritize your to do list, let’s make sure you have a to do list that will set you up for success. If you are struggling with completing your to do list, there is a really good chance that you are working off a master to do list instead of a daily one. You see, I think there is some confusion about a daily to do list and a master (I may not enough time ever) to do these things. They are two different lists.

    The master to do list is the VERY long list of all the things you hope to accomplish. Your daily to do list is the VERY short list of the things you must get done during the day. Otherwise known as your priorities. When you confuse the lists, you can easily get overwhelmed. I’d also like to say that there might be a third list, this one is for all the recurring things that you want to get done on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

    So if you feel like you have been struggling with how to prioritize your to do list, there is a good chance you really were not struggling at all – you were just working off the wrong list.

    If you are curious, this is how I prioritize my to do list:
    1. First, I write down all the stuff I ever hope to do.
    2. Next, I group those tasks by type, things I want to organize, calls I need to make, day trips I want to take, things in the house I need to fix and so on.
    3. Then I add those small tasks to my daily calendar. No more than three a day.
    4. I do the things. This is the most important step.
    5. Then I repeat the process.

    That’s how to prioritize your to do list. Of course things that have deadlines, like paying a bill, scheduling a dentist appointment, clearing out the filing cabinet to gather a bag of paperwork to take to the shred truck in town, and mailing a birthday card need to get done by a certain date.

    Other tasks can get filled in around the tasks with a deadline. The most important item to prioritize on your to do list is something FUN! Without the fun tasks to look forward to you can get burnt out doing all the must do stuff. Plus, having the fun task on your list means you get credit for getting it done. Otherwise you might put off the fun stuff until your list is done, and hold onto your seat for this one, your to do list will n-e-v-e-r be done. Life comes with lots of tasks. The minute you cross one off, another one pops up. That’s the way it works. You’re not behind, there is no need to catch up, you just need to get the stuff done.

    And one more hint.

    If you are like me, I used to waste a ton of time re-writing my to do list. When I realized the item it took me to rewrite it, I could have gotten the stuff done. We could talk for days about how to number your list or how to assign a color coded chart to the tasks. But when it comes down to it, there is no way around it, whether you wrote the task in pink pen, blue pencil, brown crayon, or highlighted it yellow – it is still a task you need to do. So just do the stuff! Whether you need to play your favorite song to get you motivated or plan awkward like an ice cream cone when you are done, just do the thing.

    Before you prioritize your to do list, make sure that you are the best person to do the task. Maybe delegating or hiring it out is a better idea. I can’t wait to hear what you do today, let’s check something off our to do list now. That way there will be fewer tasks to prioritize on your to do list.

    If you are trying to get your decluttering done, then you won’t want to miss this free online class on Monday night, How to Get Your Decluttering Done. And before you go to get stuff done, please check out the newest episode of my mini TV show on YouTube, today I share my actual planner page (the one I use every day) for how to prioritize your to do list and get things done!

  • How to declutter kitchen drawers
    how to declutter kitchen drawers

    If you can’t open your kitchen drawers without pushing stuff down, that is a clue it is past time to declutter. Is it time for you to declutter the kitchen drawers? Let’s get you a quick win! First, toss a rusty bottle opener or cracked corkscrew.

    Take the mystery out of how to declutter kitchen drawers by following these steps:

    1. Empty out the drawer, remove all the contents, and the crumbs and the half melted birthday candle stuck way, way in the back.

    2. Sort the items, grouping like together. All the spoons, all the serving spoons and so on.

    3. Decide which are the keepers – the slotted spoon you use almost every time you cook. Which ones you can live without – the flimsy pancake turner that is slightly melted. And which you still want – the salad tongs. Unless you use them every day they might not deserve such prime real estate. That drawer is best reserved for the items you reach for all the time.

    4. Add drawer organizers. These are my favorite. They take up less space than a full drawer organizer where you lose storage space because the organizer is large. Plus, these are fully customizable. Which means you can adjust them as your needs change.

    5. Return the items to the drawer. Group like items together. Don’t overcrowd the drawer.

    Going forward keep the drawer neat and tidy by a. always returning items to their correct spot ad b. whenever you add a new item make sure you let one go.

    Not sure what to keep?

    Here’s how to declutter kitchen drawers when you are stuck. Try placing all the items in a basket and leave it on the counter top. Over the next week, return the items you use to the drawer. At the end of the week the items still in the basket, they deserve another look.

    Can I donate stuff from kitchen drawers?

    Yes, you can donate the items from your kitchen drawers. While you are decluttering the kitchen drawers, keep a box to collect items you can share.

    Consider a stock box!

    Dedicate one box as the stock box. The one place to store extras. You don’t need to many duplicates in the drawer. When you need to replace an item – just shop from home.

    Tomorrow, join me online and learn Clever ways to store more, a free, online class tomorrow, June 9th, at 4pm et.

  • Buying baskets for organizing
    buying baskets for organizing

    Buying baskets for organizing seems like it would be the first step when it comes to getting organized. But you’d be wrong. Why? Well for starters, you might find you ones you bought and forgot about while you are doing the decluttering. Plus while you are working on sorting stuff they will only add to the clutter. And if you buy the wrong ones, you’ll be out the money unless you make the effort to return them.

    So while buying baskets for organizing might sound like a logical first step, it really never is. But that’s not to say it isn’t the most fun part of getting organized, because it can be. Although I always suggest that you ‘shop at home’ first to see if you have what you need. If you truly need to them, there are a few things to consider before buying baskets for organizing.

    Things to consider when buying baskets for organizing. Follow this checklist for success:
    1. Is it the right size?
    2. Is it the right material?
    3. Is if the right design?
    4. Is it easy to carry?
    5. Is it easy to access?
    Is it the right size?

    Measure the space where you plan to store the basket or container. Make sure the one you pick will fit, don’t forget to consider the height.

    Also, will all your items fit inside? Remember, you’ll want to leave to to add more so don’t fill it to the top. Most of al check the dimensions, many containers slope in or taper towards the bottom. This means you lose valuable storage space. Look for baskets and containers that are straight from top to bottom.

    Is it the right material?

    If you plan to stack them the material need to be strong. If you plan to put delicate things inside you’ll want a firm sided container.

    Where are you planning to store it? Indoors in a climate controlled room? In the garage or attic or basement? Will critters be a potential issue? Will it be hot, damp, or get very cold?

    Is it the right design?

    If you’ll leave the basket or container out in plain view you might prefer something that matches your décor.

    Clear is always a popular choice, it makes it much easier to view the contents without opening it up. Although you might prefer to color code your storage containers. That way, at a glance, you can tell your fall decorations in the orange containers from the spring décor in the yellow.

    Is it easy to carry?

    Sometimes baskets or containers can be heavy before you even put the first item inside. Consider whether you’ll be able to maneuver it once it is full. If you plan to pack heavy items inside you might prefer a few smaller baskets.

    And check the handles and latch. Does it secure? And are there helper handles to grab and carry?

    Is it easy to access?

    Some baskets and containers are easier to reach into than others. For example, if you are stowing clothes or shoes, you might prefer containers with drop fronts. That way you can reach in without having to unstack them.

    These are all helpful tips to keep in mind when you are buying baskets for organizing. I talk more about my go-to baskets in my new book. If you don’t have a copy of Keep This Toss That I’d suggest picking one up today. You’ll find yourself highlighting pages and using it as an ongoing reference. Plus, it makes a great paperweight for the pile of papers you keep saying you’ll go through one day.

    Now that you know about buying baskets for organizing check out how to organize food storage containers.

  • How to sell electronics
    how to sell electronics

    How many old, outdated, non-working electronic devices do you have shoved in drawers? De-junk your junk drawer today and make some money by selling those old tech pieces. If you are unsure about how to sell electronics I have a few ideas to get it done quickly and with very little effort. Ready? Let’s do this!

    How to sell your electronics

    Check out ecoatm.com, decluttr.com, or amazon.com/tradein.

    How to recycle your electronics

    If they are truly junk, use Earth911.com to search for a local recycling option near you. Or you can call your town to check about household hazardous waste recycling options.

    Before you let go of your old electronics collect all the accessories. Also pull the instruction manual and the product box, if you saved it. You won’t need to keep them, unless those pieces work for another device you still own.

    And it is suggested to remove your personal information from the device before trading it in or selling it. Many times the shop will help you do this. Or you can call the 800 customer help line to ask how to do it. But if not, simply google the steps to wipe your data from the device. This is an important step when it comes to how to sell electronics.

    New rule: when you upgrade to a new device get rid of the original. Unless you trade it in. Sometimes the trade-in option is available. Or unless you need the second device. But if you needed the upgrade and old electronic isn’t useful to you, then let it go. Why keep something you do not need? Especially if you can make money from it?

    Be sure check your home office to see if there are any old electronics hiding in there. This is how to organize your home office.

  • How to organize your bookshelf
    how to organize your bookshelf

    When you are ready to organize your bookshelf, letting go of reference material you no longer reference, is a great way to create space instantly. Scan the shelves for unused books like cookbooks, travel guides, almanacs, encyclopedia sets, dictionaries, and the thesaurus. If you don’t use them it is time to let them go. Yes, you can donate them. Use your zip code to locate a local drop box for books with BetterWorldBooks. Some libraries are collecting books for upcoming book sales. And if your town allows, you might leave them curbside with a sign that says – free to a good home.

    Try styling your bookcase so it is more decorative, than just a line of books. I use these bookshelf baskets to contain items I don’t want to see all the time. It’s perfect for the things I need to keep handy, but don’t want to look at, like video game consoles. The baskets come in 17 colors, so you can find a set that works with your décor.

    Here are a few other hints that might help you create a clutter free bookshelf.
    1. Lose the space between the books and the shelf edge. It collects dust and clutter. Bring your books to sit flush with the edge of the shelf.
    2. Leave some open space, you do not need to fill every inch of the shelf. And as I type with I am laughing. Is there anyone who will not need to fill up the whole shelf? I’m a lover of books and I’m guessing you are too.
    3. Style the bookshelf by stacking some books. Use them as risers to display treasures, memorabilia, and souvenirs.

    After you organize your bookshelf it might be time to tackle the home office. Completing a quick win a day is just the consistent focus we need to finally declutter and organize our homes. I hope you are planning to join me for an upcoming live online program. Here’s what’s coming up: photos and sentimental stuff, clever storage ideas, make space for summer fun, get organized for good, and Keep This Toss That (6/15 2pm this is the meeting link passcode is 920844) hope to see you online next week!

  • How to organize your refrigerator
    how to organize your refrigerator

    Take a little time to organize your refrigerator. A tidy fridge makes meal planning and prep a lot easier. You’ll know what’s in the fridge and be able to use it up, before it spoils. If you are wondering how long almond milk lasts or if you can use eggs past their expiration date. And you have no idea if Worcestershire sauce should be refrigerated, then use the search feature on StillTasty. You can easily look up use by and expiration dates. Hint: the cooked, leftover hot dogs from Memorial Day are expiring.

    Fridge shelves are deep and items can get lost towards the back. When you organize your refrigerator try these baskets with handles. I use them to store smaller items so they are easy to find. I also use them to group items I use together; like everything to prepare a sandwich. That way, I can pull out the basket and have everything I need. Otherwise I have to pull things from multiple shelves. They are also great for preventing messes, just store potentially sticky, drippy things, like bottles of marinade. That way, if it leaks, the mess is contained and easy to clean.

    When you organize your refrigerator try grouping like items together. Store the items you use together near each other. Creating a “leftover” shelf is a great way to make sure you use up leftovers before they turn into unidentifiable blobs of goo. Use this tip for organizing your food storage containers so you can find them when it comes time to pack up leftovers.

    Organizing your refrigerator does not have to be an all day project. You can move things around a little at a time until everything has a storage spot that makes sense. Don’t be surprised if you find two (or three) open bottles of ketchup. And let’s be honest, is a fridge really a fridge if you don’t have some sort of wilted herb hiding somewhere? I have a habit of buying chives. What I’m not in the habit of doing is preparing any meal that includes chives. Hence the almost constant bunch of sad, wilted chives sitting on some shelf in my refrigerator.

  • How to organize the kitchen cabinets
    How to organize the kitchen cabinets

    Are you seeking an answer the age old question, how to organize the kitchen cabinets? If so, you are in the right place today. Organizing kitchen cabinets comes down to these steps.

    Steps 1-3
    1. Pare down to only what you use – seriously, if you don’t use it then why keep it? How do you know if you use it or not – one clue is this: if you can write your name in the dust then most likely you can let it go. Consider just how many travel mugs one household needs. And please, please, please pare down your stash of food storage containers.

    2. Share your unused items with someone else – someone out there wants to make green juice. I know you thought you wanted to make green juice, I know you think you should make green juice. I also know you won’t make green juice. Making the juice and owning a green juice maker are two very different activities.

    3. Maximize the amount of usable space by adding organizers. Sometimes a clever organizing solution can transform wasted space into useable space. And we all need more space in our kitchen cabinets. I use this can rack, this spice organizer, the pot and pan organizer, this bake sheet organizer, and this food container organizer.

    Steps 4-7

    4. Keep only what fits in the space you have. This one can be tough one when it comes to how to organize the kitchen cabinets. It is when you might need to make some difficult decisions. Some items are not going to make the cut. Choose the best of the best. If you have to keep something that doesn’t fit, instead of overstuffing the cabinets, store it elsewhere. This is my BEST storage tip ever.

    5. Store the more frequently used items in the easiest to reach spots. Go for ease of use, make it so simple to put things away, that it is easier to put it away- than it would be to just leave on the countertop.

    6. Don’t bring home things you won’t use. That means resisting the urge to order that “gotta have it” item that looks amazing on the 3am infomercial. If you want to organize the kitchen cabinets this one is key.

    7. Maintain the newly organized kitchen cabinets by implementing a new rule: if you bring something home, something has to go. Try filling the box the new item arrived in, with items you can let go of.

    Remember this is not a one time event.

    Sort and re-sort kitchen cabinets on a seasonal basis. For the warmer weather bring out the juice pitcher and the oversize salad bowl. During the colder months have the bread machine near the front of the cabinet.

    Now that you got your kitchen cabinets in order, check out how to declutter the freezer.

  • How to organize digital photos
    How to organize digital photos

    Once you organize your digital photos, you’ll have the space in your phone, to capture memories this summer. And hopefully, you’ll feel like taking photos, because you won’t be overwhelmed by the thousands of disorganized photos on your devices. If you have been searching for the answer to: how to organize digital photos, then you are in the right place!

    Digital clutter is clutter too!

    If your phone give you the dreaded “low memory” warning, that is a sign you need to take action and delete or sync some photos today.

    Here are your 5 action steps to organize digital photos:

    Step 1- Plan for where and how you want to store your photos. For example, Google Photos or iPhotos.

    Step 2- Consolidate the photos by pulling them from all the old devices, like out of service cell phones. Connect the phone to the computer and open the photos folder. Find old flash drives, memory cards, and CD’s.

    Step 3- If the date and time was correct when the photo was taken then the photos will automatically load in chronological order. Correct any that are mis-labeled.

    Step 4- Schedule time to sort a folder or two at a time. Delete any photos that are no needed.

    Step 5- Ensure your photos are safe by backing them up. You might consider setting your phone to auto-sync mode so photos automatically back up on their own. I’ve used Picture Keeper which is easy to use, even if you don’t feel tech savvy. It is a plug-in, external hard drive, that recognizes and pulls pictures off your devices, like phone and computer. If you are tech-savvy you’d get the same benefit from an external hard drive. But you’d have to open and pull folders. Picture Keeper does all that for you. These are some of my other favorite photo organizing tools.

    And most importantly, when it comes to organizing your photos, enjoy them! Share the memories. Text or email then to friends, spend time reminiscing and saying “remember when…” And be sure to create and capture new memories.

    “Life is about making new memories, not just sorting and storing the old ones.” -Jamie Novak

    Read this if you have Facebook.

    You know all those really cool photos you posted in your timeline? Did you know when you are organizing your photos in your phone there is an easy way to get the photos? In the settings of your Facebook account, you can download a copy of all the photos in your timeline.

    1. Click Settings
    2. Click Settings (again)
    3. Click Your Facebook Info
    4. Click Download a Copy of My Info

    And while you are on Facebook, follow me (JamieNovak) then de-clutter live with me every Friday at 4pm et.

  • How to organize shoes in coat closet
    How to organize shoes in coat closet

    Are you ready to organize shoes in coat closet? The first step is to pare down to only the shoes you wear. That means donating the ones that hurt your feet, are too tall or too small, are too tight or too loose. The ones with heels that are too high or too low, and the ones that pinch your toe. You can easily donate “still good” shoes to Soles4Souls through a local DSW Shoe Warehouse Store. Or pass them onto a local charitable organization or schedule a pick-up of donations, including shoes. Many organizations will accept single shoes. Sometimes they are used by crafters to create something new and sometimes times they are given to amputees. If you have specific shoes, like bowling shoes or horseback riding boots, then check with a local bowling alley or horse stable. They have the clientele who would value the shoes.

    Check shoes carefully, when shoes are left in storage, many times, the shoe material will start to disintegrate. The plastic can break down and when you wear them they will start to break apart. Look for rusty buckles, zippers that won’t zip, and broken straps. If the shoe is worth repairing then book an appointment. Otherwise, sadly, it might be a situation where you need to toss it.

    For the ones you are keeping, you can organize shoes in coat closet on a shoe rack. Either inside a small coat closet or in an entryway, a rack is a great option. It allows the shoes to breathe and you can see your options, which means you are easily grab the pair you want. You might consider slipping an outdoor rug or mat underneath the rack to catch any debris that falls off the shoes.

    Walking into your home and NOT tripping over shoes is a quick win you’ll feel great about!

  • How to organize party supplies
    How to organize party supplies

    Let’s clear the clutter, this is how to organize party supplies. We can begin with leftover paper plates from today’s celebration. Paper goods do not last forever and they take up valuable storage space. Use up leftover paper goods, even if that means using a birthday party themed paper plate when it is not your birthday.

    Organize your party supplies by storing them all in a single location. That way you’ll know what you have and where to find it. I call it, “party in a box!” I have banners, streamers, and the tape the hang them. I also stash the extra goodie bags, centerpieces, top hats, blowers, tiaras, disco lights, karaoke machine, and more. If you have space in your cleaning closet to store your box, you might keep it there, or another nearby closet of storage area.

    My party-in-a-box is where I keep bulk sets of plastic cups and other partyware. No sense having special occasion plastic glasses taking up space in my kitchen every single day, when I only need them once in a awhile.

    When organizing your party supplies this is what you can recycle/toss:
    • crumpled
    • torn
    • broken
    • ripped
    • cracked plastic
    • dirty and can’t be cleaned
    This is what you can donate when you are organizing your party supplies:
    • too noisy
    • too many to use before they deteriorate
    • event specific and won’t celebrate it again
    And storing things is not always best, this is what you should use up, when you are organizing your party supplies :

    • excess paper goods, like napkins, plates, and cups that are better used than stored for months to come

    You’ll feel a whole lot better after you tidy up your party supplies. Knowing what you have and where to find it gives you peace of mind. Plus, you won’t rush around looking for things, or waste time and money rebuying things you own but can’t find. It can be frustrating setting up for a party and not having everything you need on hand. It all starts by organizing your party supplies today.

  • How to organize your garage
    How to organize your garage
    Today we tackle organizing the garage

    If you have been wondering how to organize your garage then this is your lucky day! Because organizing the garage does not have to difficult. But it includes sorting out the grilling gear, especially if you no longer own a grill or can’t remember the last time you fired up the grill. And should we talk about all the other stuff you dropped in the garage? I know you had every intention of getting back to decide about what to do with it. In the meantime, for the past ten years, you’ve been parking your car in the driveway, while your empty cardboard boxes have been safe inside the garage.

    Today, while you are sorting out the garage, note any pieces of equipment you are going to sell, toss/recycle, or donate. Then collect the matching instruction booklet so you can let that go as well. You can read more about how to organize appliance manuals when you are ready.

    For the items you are going to keep in the garage sort them into categories. For example, all the grilling equipment together, all the tools together, all the car care items together, all the outdoor activity stuff together, and all the gardening stuff (you guessed it) together. This is one of my favorite organizers, it has hooks, racks, and wire bins, basically it has it all! I love this storage rack, it makes organizing the garage a whole lot easier.

    For the items you are going to keep in the garage sort them into categories. For example, all the grilling equipment together, all the tools together, all the car care items together, all the outdoor activity stuff together, and all the gardening stuff (you guessed it) together. This is one of my favorite organizers, it has hooks, racks, and wire bins, basically it has it all! I love this storage rack, it makes organizing the garage a whole lot easier.

    Take the guesswork out of how to organize the garage. Sort the items into categories, then choose the ones you are going to keep in the garage. For example, all the grilling equipment together, all the tools together, all the car care items together, all the outdoor activity stuff together, and all the gardening stuff (you guessed it) together. This is one of my favorite organizers, it has hooks, racks, and wire bins, basically it has it all! I love this storage rack, it makes organizing the garage a whole lot easier.

  • How to organize your home office
    How to organize your home office

    Are you looking to organize your home office, start with the stash of three-ring binders. Binders are bulky to store and they don’t last forever. Metal parts rust, cardboard covers can deteriorate into dust, and the covers bend.

    Saving the extras “just in case you need them” takes up a ton of space. Tossing them in the trash feels wasteful. So what can you do? You can donate them! Home office supplies, including three-ring binders is a great way to share all your extras.

    Unless you are planning to open up a stationary store sometime soon, sorting out your office supplies is a great first step to take when you are organizing your home office. For the supplies you want to hold onto, consider creating a stockroom. One place where you stash the excess, so when you need them you can shop from your stockroom.

    Don’t forget to look in desk drawers and cabinets for things to discard. Yes, you can donate office supplies. While decluttering, start filling a box or bag, with things that others can use. Fill your container with donations, then get them out the door. When organizing your home office, be on the lookout for these items that you can share with others:

    -Pens and markers

    -Blank greeting cards and notecards and envelopes

    -Three ring binders and extra paper

    -Staplers, hole punch, rulers

    -Blank CD’s and DVD’s

    If you come across booklets while de-cluttering, this is how to organize appliance manuals. One cabinet at a time, one drawer at a time, one pile at a time, you can organize your home office. You will be more efficient and a tidy office makes for a much more comfortable place to work. Plus, you’ll be able to find what you need when you need it!

  • How to organize your cleaning closet
    How to organize your cleaning closet

    Your cleaning tasks are a lot easier to complete, when you have tools that get the job done! Tools that are not in the best condition are frustrating to clean with and they waste your time. Today is the day to organize your cleaning closet. Scan your cleaning supplies and toss/recycle any that are beyond repair. Then replace any that need to be upgraded. Also take a moment to clean and disinfect the cleaning supplies. Your vacuum lasts longer and works more efficiently when the filter is clean.

    If you have extra supplies that are still good, but you don’t need them any longer, consider donating them to a local pet shelter. When you are organizing your cleaning closet think of the volunteers that will appreciate them. And they’ll also like to get any of your extra laundry supplies you find when you are organizing your laundry room.

    Are you wondering what you’ll find in my cleaning closet?

    Well, first, you’ll find a big stack of microfiber towels in my cleaning closet, these are the best microfiber towels for cleaning. Hint: when washing the towels be sure to skip adding laundry softener. The softener can coat the fibers, which prevents them from being absorbent. If you have towels that are coated in softener, you can try reviving them, by adding some white vinegar to your laundry cycle (as long as adding vinegar to your washer is permitted) always check the directions.

    Here’s what else you’ll find in my cleaning closet, a dust pan and broom, whisk set, and mop. And to hold them all, I pop them in slots on the wall mounted holder. It prevents damage to the tools and your wall and floor. Mops and brooms sitting on the floor can bend the fibers and bristles. Damp pads can leave a mark on the floor. And when the tip over, the handle can scuff the wall, as it falls to the floor.

    Now you know how to organize your cleaning closet by tossing out the stuff you do not use or that no longer works. Happy cleaning!

  • How to Organize Your Clothes Closet

    You can create more space in your clothes closet today, without making any difficult choices or letting go of one article of clothing! How you ask? By getting rid of excess clothes hangers! It is the best way to organize your clothes closet.

    how to organize your clothes closet

    Organize your clothes closet by letting go of the empty hangers you don’t need. You can donate the hangers to the same organization where you donate the clothes. They need hangers to display the clothes. If you have wire, dry cleaning hangers some dry cleaners will take them back.

    Consider recycling any cracked, broken, or flimsy hangers, no one wants those. Heavy-duty, slim, clothes hangers are the best option to create more space in your closet. Slim hangers take up less space. I love these classy white and rose gold hangers, all-of-a-same kind hanger gives your closet that boutique look! And a set of fun, new hangers can be just the motivation to organize your clothes closet.

    How many hangers do you need?

    You may have fewer things to hang in one season; then need more hangers in another season. Avoid the mistake of keeping extra hangers on the closet rod. They’ll take up valuable space. Instead, store extra hangers in a collapsible organizer.

    A no stress way to decide how many clothes you need to keep is by deciding how many hangers you want to fit in your closet. Then choose the clothes to fill the hangers. When all the hangers are filled your clothes collection is complete. If you want to keep something else, then something has to go.

    This is also a brilliant way to keep your clothes closet organized. When you bring a new item home let one item go. Organizing your clothes closet doesn’t have to be a big project that overwhelms you. Taking it one step at a time you can pare down to just the articles of clothing that you wear. You might be surprised how much space you reclaim by simply removing unused hangers. And that one task might be the jumpstart to sorting out the rest of the space.

    You, yes, you can organize your clothes closet! If you have been waiting to learn how to declutter your clothes collection, starting with the hangers is a great first step.

  • How to organize appliance manuals

    This is how to organize appliance manuals, easily. Today we are tackling the outdated, old, and un-necessary appliance manuals, because no one needs a 50-page booklet about how to operate a basic window fan – that they no longer own.

    How to organize appliance manuals

    Before you organize any appliance manuals, first ask yourself “is this available elsewhere?” If the answer is yes! then reconsider your need to keep it. Many times the appliance manuals are available as PDF documents on the manufactures’ website. Plus, they are searchable; so you don’t need to try to read pages and pages of teeny-tiny print that requires a magnifying glass.

    Sort through your collection of booklets. Pick out only the ones you need for the items you own. If you are considering selling the item, save the booklet. Having the manual to go with the item can increase the sale price.

    Ways to organize the appliance manuals:

    Try one of these three methods for storing the booklets:

    1. A three ring binder with pocket folders or sheet protectors. Alphabetize the manuals and store them A-Z or by rooms of the house.
    2. Shove them all in a shoebox and hope you never need to retrieve one.
    3. Stash them in the room where you would use them. For example, slip kitchen appliance manuals under the silverware tray in the kitchen drawer and instruction booklets for the lawnmower and the snow blower in the garage. Put them in a safe place, just not so safe that you forget where you put them.

    The idea is to have one system so you know how you are storing them. That way, should you ever need to reference it, you won’t waste time looking for it. And if you have a warranty booklet, staple the purchase receipt to the cover. That way you have everything you need if you ever need to reach out to the company for support.

    Need more support? Check out Catch Up and Clear the Clutter Today! You can join me on Speakeasy this coming Wednesday, June 2nd at 8pm et be sure to use Promo Code DECLUTTER50 for 50% off your ticket price.

  • How to organize your home office

    Is your home overflowing with ink? The free promotional pens, the boxes of pens we’ve purchased, and the pens we accidentally “borrowed” when we walked away with them from the cashier. If you have more pens than you need – but don’t want to throw them away – here are some ways to organize your home office and “toss” them today.

    1. Bag them up and donate them
    2. Give them to your local library
    3. Put some in your handbag, and leave them with a cashier (you probably owe them one anyway)

    Paring down the pen collection is a great place to start. But you don’t have to stop there when organizing your home office. Check the drawers for bent paperclips and other clutter that can go. Keep only the items you use daily or weekly front and center in the drawers. Consider keeping excess in a box otherwise known as your stockroom. As you need to replenish your stock you can shop your stock.

    If you know me then you already know how much I LOVE sticky notes! In fact, I wrote the idea for this post on, you guessed it, a sticky note. Which is why, on my desk, I use a pen cup sticky note holder combo. Keeping your desk tidy is key when it comes to organizing your home office.

    And if you are a writer (or know one) the question I get asked all the time is – which pens so I like most? The answer is Pilot Acroball, they don’t skip or glop. By the way, dit you know I am teaching a writing class? Here are the details.

  • How to organize your freezer drawer

    What’s in your freezer? If you are not sure what’s in there or how long it’s been there then it is time to organize your freezer drawer.

    I love these freezer baskets, no more stacking bags of frozen veggies.

  • How to organize your home office
    how to organize your home office

    Are you ready to organize your home office? If so, you can start with that stash of return address labels. The ones that are so old they don’t stick any longer and the ones for where you lived three addresses ago. Is your office drawer is overrun with the free return address labels sent to you from charitable organizations? Keep the ones that are in good condition and the ones that are correct. Let go of the ones that you will not use or are no longer usable.

    While the return address labels in the drawer is a great place to start, there are so many other ways you can easily organize your home office. Take a look at the desk drawers and look for quick tosses like broken pens, snapped rubber bands, and rusty paper clips. If you are ready to tackle the pile of mail you’ll want to have the Guard Your ID Roller roller nearby to “erase” personal information before recycling the document. Or take note of upcoming shred it dates where you can bring a bag (or three) of paperwork that needs to be shred.

    You’ll also want to note the dates when you can recycle old electronic equipment. Part of organizing your home and office is getting the old, unused items out the door. If they are still good then donating them is a great options. Otherwise recycling is the best way to go. What you don’t want to do is to keep them in your office where they will continue to collect dust.

    Give yourself a deadline to finish your home office organizing project. When you block off time in your calendar and make the project a priority you are much more likely yo make it happen. If you are wondering which papers to keep and which to toss while decluttering your desk, join me online this Tuesday via Google Meet for How to Organize Your Paperwork.

  • How to declutter my kitchen
    how to declutter my kitchen when getting organized

    Have you been wondering, “how do I declutter my kitchen?” If you have been thinking about getting organized, the kitchen can be a great place to start! So , today is the day to find something to toss from drawer in the kitchen you can’t open without pushing stuff down. It’s a perfect place to begin when decluttering the kitchen.

    Now, you might be thinking, why didn’t Jamie say to start with the dishes or the drinkware or the spices or the spoons? Because choosing a super easy category gives you a quick win which can be just the boost to jumpstart the rest of the categories. Take a small bite of a big project and you’ll keep going, bite off a big project and you might lose steam.

    Picking one random thing from a “junk” drawer might not seem like a big success, but it will get you started in the right direction. Plus, clearing something out of storage, frees up space to put something away.

    Carefully stick your fingers in the drawer to push the contents down enough to be able to pull open the drawer. What do you see? Maybe broken rubber bands, crumpled take-out ketchup packets, a stale pack of gum? Find one thing to “toss” out. If it is still good just toss it out of your house by sharing or donating it. If it is true trash then you know where it goes.

    If you have time, look for one or two more tosses. You might even challenge yourself to see how many things you can “toss” from the drawer in one minute! This is how to declutter the kitchen, choose one category then the next. You can’t do it all at once, but you can do it!

    When it comes to decluttering my kitchen, one of my favorite organizing tools is a drawer organizer. You can use shallow box lids or even ice cube trays. But if you are looking for a custom fit tension dividers are a perfect solution. You can move them to create the exact storage you need and as your needs change you can adjust them.

  • Join Jamie Novak on Speakeasy this June!

    BIG NEWS! The easiest way to get organized is to work with an organizer. But if the free group classes are not personalized enough and private sessions are too personal, then this Speakeasy series is just right. Individual attention (without the individual price) I designed this two part series so you can get one-on-one time with me in a small group setting online.

    These days it seems like things change all the time, and it can be difficult to keep up with all there is to do. Go from frustrated to in-control by learning Jamie’s signature 3-Minute Makeover. When it comes to getting (and staying) organized, Jamie knows what she’s talking about. Part lecture, part workshop, part personalized coaching, this event is like hiring Jamie for private sessions without the private-session price tag. 

    This event is for you if you:

    • Find clutter is stressing you out 
    • Are overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list
    • Can’t prioritize your tasks 
    • Feel unsure about what to do first to get back on track
    • Want to learn shortcuts to feel better fast  -Speakeasy

    With your purchase of a ticket to this workshop, you’ll also receive a link to download a free copy of Jamie’s e-book, “The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering.” The e-book includes:

    • The top 10 organizing mistakes (and how to avoid them)
    • Jamie’s top-secret planner page for getting things done
    • A quick start guide  
    • Must have checklists
    • Fill-in-the-blank worksheets

    Happening on Wednesday, June 2nd & 9th from 8-9pm et read more or buy your ticket now. Use Promo Code DECLUTTER50 for 50% off your ticket price.

  • How to organize your closet

    Is a closet even really a closet if you don’t have a broken tabletop fountain shoved on the back of a shelf somewhere? Originally purchased as a product meant to help you relax – and who doesn’t need to relax – all this clutter is stressing us out! Now that relaxing fountain is now part of the clutter problem! If you are trying to organize your closet, that broken fountain needs to be the first item to go.

    Tabletop fountains are not meant to last forever, maybe yours got clogged up or the motor burned out. If it is not working, it won’t get fixed sitting on the shelf in the closet, collecting dust. If the fountain is still working, but you don’t want to use it anymore, then bag it up and share it.

    And if you are saying, “but Jamie I don’t have a tabletop fountain, or at least I don’t think I do” don’t worry, I’m sure you will find something else that needs to go. It might be an impulse infomercial product, a half-finished craft project, a piece of artwork you won’t display again, or maybe a lampshade. Again, not sure why, it just seems most of us have at least one random lamp shade that may or may not even fit a lamp we currently own.

    Today is the day to organize your closet and that means tossing out all the stuff you no longer use. Clear one shelf, sort the items into categories, keep what you love and donate/share/toss the rest. Return the items you are keeping to the shelves. Use bins, baskets, and containers to hold the items. Clearly label the containers so you know what is where and where to return things to the closet. These are the steps to organize your closet.

    Do you need more storage space in the closet? If so check out 20 Best Closet Organizers to Maximize Your Space.

  • How to organize my bags

    Where do all the bags come from? I do not remember getting them all. As soon as I fill one with donations and give it away I seem to get a new one. They just keep appearing in my closet! If the same thing happens to you, and you are wondering, how do I organize my bags, then keep reading. First, any bag with a broken strap, too junky, cracked, torn, ripped, damaged, needs to go. If the bag has been sitting in your closet and still has candy, gum, tissues, and lip gloss needs to be emptied out. You’ll be able to date the contents by the random receipt.

    Any bag that is still good, but not right for you, can be donated. Think: flimsy, not your favorite style or color. And if you just have too many share them today. The idea is to pare down to just the ones you reach for all the time. They are your favorite bags, they wash easily, they are not too big or too small, too short or too tall – they are just right! Keep those. Holding onto just the good quality favorites makes it a whole lot easier to organize your bags.

    Yes, you can fill them with donations then drop them off or schedule a pick-up. Not sure where to share them? Check out this list of resources for where to donate your stuff. And going forward to keep your bag collection tidy, make it a rule: new bag in – old bag out!

  • How to organize food storage containers
    How to organize food storage containers

    I know sorting out the food storage containers is something we have talked about before when we have talked about how to organize your home. But we are revisiting it today for a few reasons.

    1. Since we last discussed it, I have accumulated even more AND I’ve rinsed out and saved a few “good” containers, like the one from sour cream. I made a sour cream cake and the the sour cream came in a really good tub, so good that I felt compelled to rinse it out and save it. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.
    2. Last time we talked about recycling the ones that should not longer be used, like the melted, peeling, warped ones, and the ones with no lids.
    3. We also talked about re-purposing some as drawer organizers and such. But we didn’t talk about a clever way to keep the good ones. Which brings me to the next point.
    4. When it comes to organizing your home, it can be helpful to set up a stockroom. This is the one place to store the excess. Extras that are in good condition that you see yourself needing to use soon. But in the meantime they are kept out of the way.

    For example, you need a new food storage containers. You pick up a pack because the set is cheaper than just one. Now you have twenty when you only needed one. Don’t clutter up your cabinet with the whole set. Put one new one in your cabinet and put the rest in the stock room. Then as you need one, shop your back stock.

    When you are organizing your food storage containers, remember, they also make good storage containers for organizing other things like jewelry, bandages, craft supplies, and more. Now that you know how to organize food storage containers check out how to organize your home.

  • (no title)

    The tired, tattered, gross, peeling, stained placemats are unappetizing to eat off of. Let them go. If they are still good, but you don’t use them, then donate them to someone who will.

  • (no title)

    Today is now known as make that return day. Return the book to the library, return the item to the shop, return that pie plate to a friend. If it isn’t yours, get it out of the house today.

  • (no title)

    The day has finally come to toss the stale box of leftover ice cream cones from last year. If you are a gardener, and only if you are really gardening and not just thinking you might garden someday, then you might keep them to start seedlings in. Plant them in the cone and you’re done.

  • (no title)

    Passing along the frozen drink maker to someone who wants to make a margarita to make space for the ice cream maker for all the ice cream you won’t be making this summer.

  • (no title)

    Hint: if the cute garden flag or mailbox flag is torn beyond repair, you should let it go. Retire your American Flag through the local VFW Post.

  • (no title)

    It’s time to tidy up the recycling center. If you have enough empty cardboard boxes to start a shipping company, recycle them or fill then with donations then ship them for free through GiveBackBox.com.

  • (no title)
  • (no title)
  • (no title)
  • (no title)
  • (no title)
  • (no title)
  • (no title)
  • How to organize your kitchen

    If you have enough coffee mugs in your kitchen cabinet to open a small cafe – today is the day to let go of your least favorite one.

  • How to Organize Your Media Center
  • How to Organize Your Phone
  • How to Organize Your Utility Cabinet
  • How to Organize the Bookcase
  • How to Organize the Kitchen
  • How to Organize the Kitchen
  • How to Organize Your Dresser
  • How to Organize the Junk Drawer
  • How to Organize Your Wallet
  • How to Organize Your Freezer
  • How to Organize Your Pantry
  • How to Organize Your Nightstand
  • How to Organize Your Entryway
  • How to Organize Your Paperwork
  • How to Organize Your Pantry

    There has to be at least one thing in the pantry that is out of date or that you won’t use. If it is still good you can donate it. Not sure? Consult StillTasty.com for more info on best by dates. And if you need all you have just take a moment to tidy up by straightening up the boxes and lining up the cans. This is the best organizer to keep all the seasoning packets from getting lost at the back of the shelf.

  • How to Organize Your Laundry

    Today is the day to use up the almost empty bottle of detergent. Or toss that stain remover that doesn’t work. If you have extra laundry supplies you don’t like to use consider sharing them with the local pet shelter. The volunteers are always cleaning and would appreciate the supplies.

  • How to Organize Your Clothes Closet

    Today the assignment is to find one article of clothing, one pair of shoes, or one accessory you no longer need. If it is still in good condition you can donate it. If it is beyond useable toss or recycle. And if it needs to be replaced add it to your shopping list and if it needs to be repaired let’s get that done so you can use it.

  • How to Organize Your Bathroom

    Yep, we’re going there! Bring a flashlight – it can be dark under the sink and you never know what you will find. So you can see what you have stored under there, add these lights. Motion activated, battery operated, stick up (no screws needed) these are just what you need to keep the space tidy.

  • How to Organize Your Living Room

    Let’s keep those end tables clear. What is something that always lands there? Can you create nearby storage to make it easy to put it away? Or maybe you simply have to clear something that was left there. Let’s do it!

  • How to Organize Your Dining Room

    What item can you find in the dining room to “toss” by donating or sharing or using up? Sort out the sideboard or the hutch today.

  • How to Organize Your Refrigerator

    Is it even a fridge if you don’t have one open bottle of something that is WAAAYYYY too old? Today is the day to open the door and sort out the shelves. See what you can find to toss. And maybe designate one area for leftovers so they are consumed before they become unidentifiable.

  • How to Organize Your Bakeware

    Yay! Today is my birthday – which means cake! Making it the perfect day to touch up the bakeware supply. Do you have a pan you never use or that doesn’t bake well? Maybe a duplicate item or one that is so rusty or dented it is beyond useable? Let’s toss a bakeware item today. Maybe you have a mini cake pop tray for making cake pops yet you’ve never made a cake pop. I know you’re thinking, if I donate it today then tomorrow I will need to bake cake pops. It’s all happened to us, we let something go only to need it. Chances are your neighbor owns the tray too, so you can let yours go and ask to borrow theirs if needed.

  • How to Organize Your Car

    We often forget to tidy up the car. Today is the day to do just that. Look for something to toss from the trunk or glovebox. Or maybe the cup holder or console. See what you can remove.

  • How to Organize Your Livingroom

    Today we are going to toss something from your living room coffee table. You might find something from the table top or a drawer. The choice is yours.

  • How to Organize Your Office

    Looking to tidy your office/home office? Today we toss something from your desktop. If your desktop is also your kitchen, dining, or coffee table then this is your chance to reclaim the space.

  • How to Organize Your Closet

  • How to Organize Your Closet

    Today is the day you’ve been looking forward to – it’s the day we toss one item out of the hall closet. The choice is yours, pick something that is outgrown, never used, or broken.

  • How to Declutter Your Bathroom

    If your medicine cabinet contains tweezers that don’t tweeze then tossing them would be a great first step towards decluttering the bathroom. Today we toss something from the medicine cabinet. A nail file that doesn’t file or nail clippers that no longer clip would also be good choices. Create space in your bathroom cabinet by tossing one junky item today.

  • How to Declutter Your Bedroom

    Nightstands can become a clutter catch-all. Clear something off the top or from one of the drawers.

  • How to Organize Your Office

    Time to tidy up the desk drawer. Toss pens without ink, broken rubber bands, and bent paper clips. See what you can find to toss. Then before returning everything to the drawer consider adding an organizer for the little stuff. An ice cube tray or shallow box lid might be just what you need. This is the organizer I’m using.

  • How to Declutter Your Kitchen

    On every kitchen countertop a little clutter must pile-up, or at least is does in my house. No sooner do I clear the counter and the stuff is back! Today let’s clear the counter of one thing that does not belong or is better stored elsewhere.

  • How to Organize Your Basement

    Just about every client I’ve worked with has a lamp shade sitting in storage. Funny thing, I do to! I brought a set of 3 lamps. And I swapped out the shade on one of them. Instead of donating the shade I kept it. I guess I was thinking in case I changed my mind? The problem is lamp shades take up a lot of space. And they are delicate, one bump and you have a damaged shade. So, today if you have an extra lamp shade in storage with no immediate plans then consider donating it. And if anyone needs a basic white linen lampshade I know someone who has an extra one to share.

  • How to Organize Your House

    Yes, today is the day to let go of a leftover supply from a DIY craft project. Glue, paint, glitter, beads, lumber, brushes, or anything else that is just hanging around after having completed the project.

  • How to Organize Your Office

    Old electronics can be sold, traded in, or recycled. Today find a dusty one that has been shoved in a drawer. Resources for selling, trading in, or recycling can be found under the ‘resources’ tab on my website.

  • How to Organize Your House

    The phone from two phones ago or an old tablet. Before you sell, donate, or recycle erase your personal information (usually done by restoring it to factory settings). You can trade-in at Amazon or sell at Decluttr.

  • How to Organize Your House

    Freshen up your houseplant or gardening supplies by letting go of the cracked planter today.

  • How to Organize Your House

    Do you have bath, pool, or beach towel that has seen better days? Maybe a hand towel or washcloth? If so, let it go. Toss, recycle, or donate to a local pet shelter. They need towels for cleaning and for cute adoptable pets to curl up on.

  • How to Organize Your House

    Pick one item – any item you don’t need – from the drawer and let it go. An empty gum wrapper, one too many rubber bands, or a pen that doesn’t write. You pick!

  • How to Organize Your House

    Send your book on a worldwide travel at BookCrossing. Or donate it BetterWorldBooks. Look for the book you won’t read, won’t re-read, don’t reference, don’t need, or that duplicate book you bought a second copy of. The one book NOT to “toss” Keep This Toss That written by me!

  • How to declutter your house

    The one that is too crinkled to use. The one that got damp and stuck itself shut. The ones with clear windows mean to return bill payments – but you paid online. The seven 1,000 count boxes of envelopes you picked up on sale and you have no plans to open an envelope store anytime soon.

  • How to Organize Your House

    Today is the day to skim the magazine then add it to your recycle pile. Or if your local laundromat is taking them you can share them.

  • How to Organize Your House

    Today let’s delete an email or better yet unsubscribe – I just hope you are not choosing to unsubscribe from the email I send every Tuesday. Sort your emails by sender to find and delete groups. Or search by a key word to find a bunch to delete at once. You might also filter them in reverse order – oldest first – hopefully it is easier to delete the older ones. Before you begin note the total in your inbox. Then set a timer for 10 minutes and delete as many as you can before the buzzer goes off. Then count them and see how many you were able to delete. Good luck!

  • How to Organize Your House

    Do you have a forgotten about bottle of vitamins? Maybe a jar of outdated supplements? Maybe a health item you no longer need or take? Today is the day to say farewell.

  • How to Organize Your House

    The nail file that no longer files, the clippers that no longer clip, the gummy polish, the trimmers that don’t trim…you get the idea.

  • How to Organize Your House
  • How to Organize Your House

    Is there an item you brought indoors that should be returned outside? Maybe a pinecone you displayed over the winter? Send it back outdoors to make space for the seashell or rock you’ll want to display this spring.

  • How to Organize Your House

    Check in the way back of that cabinet – do you see a drink pitcher? It might be a fancy glass one you never use because it is too good or you are waiting for a special occasion. It might be a gross plastic one that has seen better days or is missing the lid. Create space for the stuff you do use by getting rid of the stuff you don’t.

  • How to Organize Your House

    I think we all have at least one spool of ribbon that has seen better days. Whether it is the one for wrapping gifts or the crafting ribbon, if it is beyond use why keep it? Let it go today. And if you simply have too many spools but they are still good you can donate them to a craftier crafter.

  • (no title)

    How many shopping bags does one person need? Between the plastic grocery bags, the canvas totes, the re-usable shopping bags, the brown paper bags, the department store shopping bags, and all the other bags there is a good chance you have a large collection of bags. I know you use some and I know you want some just in case but I also know there has to be at least one you can part with.

  • How to Organize Your House

    I’m just going to say it – you deserve underwear without holes. Your undergarments should have the proper elastic to hold them in place. If not, it’s time to let them go.

  • How to Organize Your House

    Raise your hand if you have a measuring cup but you have no idea what amount it is since the lettering is rubbed off. How about one with the cracked handle? Or one that is a cute novelty design that is difficult to clean. I am a fan of keeping two sets, I often need two of the same measurement when baking. Yes I know you’d think I could rinse it out and re-use it. But, so many times I prep all the ingredients in advance so I need two. What I don’t need is a broken one, one that is impossible to clean, or one that gives the wrong measurement – I checked a set once and it was off by a lot! Of you have a few you don’t need today is the day to say so long.

  • (no title)

    Whether you purchased them as souvenirs while on vacation or simply have a few extra ones sitting on shelves in your home, today is the day to say good-bye to extra shot glasses. Unless you have a dream to open a bar you can recycle them or donate them but don’t keep the tiny glasses.

  • (no title)

    Notepads don’t last forever, the pages can yellow or crinkle. Before the notepads deteriorate in a desk drawer or credenza find a few that you can donate. Yes, you can donate notepads and while you’re in the drawer look for excessive quantities of pens, extra staplers, and other office supplies you’ll never get around to using.

  • (no title)

    Is there a store loyalty card- for a store you no longer shop at – on your keyring or in your wallet? If so, today is the day to let it go. And if you don’t need to show the card because you always use your phone number – then the card can go.

  • How to declutter your house

    If the quantity of rubber bands you own outweighs your life expectancy then it is time to trim down the collection. You purchased the pack of 2,000 bands yet you save the ones that come wrapped around the newspaper and the produce. I think it’s safe to say you are fully stocked in the rubber band department and you might choose to donate a small bag of them before they dry rot in the drawer and become useless.

  • How to declutter your house

    That blank wall calendar that’s been sitting on your shelf since 2014, you know, the one you got by donating to a charity and the paper was too glossy to write on or the one that was free from the local bank but the squares were too tiny to write in? Let’s not talk about why you saved it, let’s just agree you don’t need it any longer. I’d suggest you recycle it today. If you are saving it for the pictures either cut them out and frame them or decide you don’t like them as much as you thought you did.

  • How to declutter your house

    Sometimes a hand lotion just doesn’t deliver and you can’t use it. It might be an unpleasant scent, a greasy formula, or an irritating ingredient. Or maybe you loved it so you used it up, almost all the way. Now you have a tube, bottle, or jar with just one application left. Use it up today.