Can I Donate a Panini Maker

Can I Donate a Panini Maker

We all have one. That small countertop appliance we were sure we were going to use. But you are not the same people as when you brought it home. Did you dream of making ooey gooey cheesy paninis? But you never got the maker out of the box? And now you need to know, can I donate a panini maker?

The answer is yes! You can donate a panini maker and all those other small countertop appliances that sit unused and collecting dust in the kitchen cabinet. Which ones? Almost any, blenders, toasters, cake pop makers, waffle irons, mixers, rice makers, air fryers, bread maker, choppers and mincers, and more.

I know what you are thinking. Now that we are talking about your panini maker (or any other maker) you have a taste for what it makes. And you might regret letting it go. But ask yourself, if I hadn’t have mentioned it would you even remember you had it? There are other ways to press a sandwich using common kitchen tools. Let someone who actually makes panini’s have your panini maker. You’ll free up space in your kitchen cabinet for the punch bowl you never use, which we are going to talk about another day.

Here’s who will take them:

Schedule a pick-up today by calling or going online.

  2. HabitatforHumaity Restore
  3. SalvationArmy
  4. Goodwill

Before you donate the item, check your box with appliance manuals to see if you have one for the item you are sharing. Also check the kitchen drawers for any accessories or spare parts that go with the item. Finally, check the garage to see if you kept the box for the item. Not only with the item be complete when you give it away, but you will have decluttered other spots as well.

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