Catch Up Before It’s Clutter

I enjoy lazy summer days – how about you?

The bright sunshine, the smell of a neighbor’s barbeque, and the splashing in the pool. The sound of the ice cream truck ringing his bell as he drives down the street and the fireflies lighting up the evening sky. My luggage from a weekend trip that I haven’t unpacked yet – wait, what?

Yes, the lazy days of summer hit and unpacking the bag seems like a lot of work.

046I tell myself if I leave it long enough I’ll forget what’s in there and I’ll feel like I found new stuff when I finally unpack.

But that’s just a procrastination tactic.

If I don’t catch up now it will really be clutter. And if I have to move this bag one more time or stub my toe into it one more time I’ll scream. So time to catch up and unpack.

049Then there are the summer photos trapped in my phone.

Again if I wait much longer they will become clutter.

So time to download the photos!

051And this yummy summer soup looks delicious. You already know I’m famous for clipping recipes I never prepare.

I don’t want this one to have the same fate.

Leaving the magazine open on the kitchen counter isn’t going to get this made. But it will contribute to the overall clutter which is not what I’m going for.

I need to catch up and buy the ingredients now so I can make this, preferably before summer is over.

053And here is the summer fun bag. As I find items for having fun in the summer I toss them in the bag.

The bag is in my entryway and I’ve been walking past it for eight weeks.

If I don’t plan a summer fun day this bag of fun will be a bag of clutter. Time to catch up and plan that day, again, preferably before the summer is over.

These are the items I’d like to catch up this week before they become clutter. How about you?

  • Do you have a trip to unpack from?
  • Do you have an upcoming trip to pack for?
  • Do you have a recipe you want to make or s’mores you want to toast?
  • Do you have a pile of laundry to catch up on?
  • Do you have photos to share or save?
  • Do you have a small collection of stuff that is quickly turning into clutter?

Whatever it is can we cheer each other on as we catch up before it becomes clutter?

Go us!

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