Corral, contain, and curb the clutter

Today, for the hundredth time (no joke 100! times) I moved a bag of almonds, a bag of apricots, a box of dates, and a can of cashews, out of my way in the kitchen.  I needed to get to the toaster oven and they were in my way. Now you might be thinking, Jamie, why not just put them in the kitchen cabinet or pantry? Because if I do that I’ll forgot to eat the dates and apricots and they’ll shrivel up into something unrecognizable. And the nuts will go rancid before I remember to finish them. And if I’m perfectly honest I’ll end up grabbing a piece of chocolate instead of the more convenient option right in front of me – well, sometimes, not every time, after all chocolate is delicious. So I looked around and found a small basket that everything fit into perfectly. Now I can move the basket instead of moving multiple things.  A tiny change that makes my life a whole lot easier. File that under “why didn’t I to do that sooner?”  Also filed under “why didn’t I do that sooner?” is my bedroom chair transformation. My side chair was buried under a stack of clean laundry. These were winter clothes, a jacket, a flannel shirt, and a few other article of clothing.  I’ve been meaning to put them away. Yes, I keep reading →