3 Holiday Hints & Hacks

Happy Thanksgiving, I am so thankful we are friends. Especially at the time of year I am reminded of how grateful I am that I have so much extra stuff, I am often at a loss as to how to store it all – what a great problem to have. How lucky am I that I am in a position to share my stuff with others.  With the holidays in mind I thought I share 3 quick hints that I hope will be helpful.  1. Choose your holiday outfits now, select the accessories and shoes then try the whole thing on. Now (and not 15 minutes before you have to leave) would be the ideal time to realize it needs a button or a quick ironing.  2. Triple line the trash can with garbage bags. That way as the trash is taken out a new bag is already in place.  3. Make space! Make space on your calendar for quiet time and activities that are important to you. Make space in your hall closet for guests’ coats. Make space in your pantry for holiday cooking/baking ingredients. Make space in your fridge for oversize platters, extra food, and leftovers.  And now here is a little something I wrote that I thought you might enjoy. You can click on the image to print a copy for yourself.  In case you missed B-I-G news! On January 7th Keep This keep reading →