How to Clear Coat Clutter Quickly

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If the bar in your closet is threatening to give way under the weight of all those coats then today might be a great day to tackle the coat clutter.

There is a good chance you’ll find coats that are two sizes too small or ones you always skip over because they are just not right for you.

Then you’ll find coats that you like but maybe you forgot about them since they’ve been stuffed in the way back of the closet.

Today is the day to get back your space and take control of the coat closet. Bonus – you’ll be making space for your stuff as well as your guests’ gear so you can actually hang the jackets instead of tossing them on your bed!

WARNING! Avoid the “What Was I Thinking Moment!” Do not pull everything out of the closet – dump it on the floor behind you – turn around and exclaim “What was I thinking? Do I really have to put all this away?”

Instead set a timer for 10 minutes and work from the back of the closet forward.

TIP: Bring a drink, a snack and an empty bag to bag up donations. with you to the closet. I DO NOT want you leaving to go to the kitchen for a bag or a glass of water – why? Because I know you are-never-coming-back!

Stuck? Think you might be able to donate a coat (or two or three) but you are unsure if you might need it this season? Toss those coats into a box or bag marked for donation on X date. I use a 6 month expiration date. If you need the coat you have it and won’t have to make due or go buy another. If you don’t need it – and let’s face it – you probably won’t then you can donate the bag or box on the date of expiration. Hint: Do not open the box or bag before letting it go – or you might want to keep something. Trust you made a good choice and donate.

You can print this handy cheat sheet if you’d like.

Giving away a coat or two? Don’t forget to check the pockets first!

I can’t wait to hear what you find in the depths of the closet. You can do this, ready? Set? Try on those coats!


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