How to Clear Off Flat Surfaces

If you have been following along using my Once-a-Week Organizing Calendar, then you know this week we are focused on clearing flat surfaces.

On my side table I have a random Christmas ornament that was overlooked during the de-decorating. My sister gave me this one, it is from the family farm near her house. We love their ice cream and this year they created a limited edition ornament.

Are you still finding a few overlooked holiday items that need to be packed away? Are they hanging out on your kitchen counter or dining table?  

Or do you still need to pack up your décor? No judgement- keep reading – I’ve got a few ideas for those of us that are extending our festiveness (sounds better than procrastinating, right?)

Problem is – if you already packed up the boxes – it is more challenging to put the stragglers away.

My solution- a Forgot-it Box.

One smallish box as the one place to store all those leftovers until you need them again next year.

Instead of trying to get into those bigger tubs to put them away they will have a safe home. The Forgot-it Box is a much better option than tucking them into some random drawer (not that I’d know anything about that.)

  • Take a photo of the contents and tape the photo to the box. That way you can find what you are looking for without unpacking all the boxes. It also helps when you repack the boxes – you know what fits where. And you’ll know if you left out any stragglers.
  • Not in the de-decorating mood? Make the project festive by putting on some holiday music and maybe opt for some hot cocoa.
  • Fill and label an “open me first” box with all the essential holiday items you want to bring out first. This means next year you can decorate more easily.
  • Fill and label a “little sprinkle of cheer box.” Just in case next year you don’t want to go all out you can simplify by just displaying a few of your favorites.
  • Do not put away anything that does not store well – think fresh greenery that will dry out. If it is junky, broken, or used up don’t take up valuable storage space by keeping the item.

We can reclaim our flat surfaces, even if they got a little messy over the hectic holiday season.  Set a timer and pick a pile!

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