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I almost didn’t go to the BBQ….

Yesterday, here in the United States we celebrated Memorial Day, which is the unofficial kick-off to the summer. 

Traditionally BBQ’s are a big part of the holiday weekend and I love BBQ’s. I love the S’mores, I love the potato salad, I love the lemonade. I love the time outdoors in the sunshine. I love the memories made with family and friends. 

But this year I almost didn’t go. My sister invited me and I went back and forth about accepting her invite. I had SO MUCH TO DO. Could I really make the time? Shouldn’t I be answering emails and prepping for my very busy week ahead. 

I told myself I should stay home and pick out my outfits for the week. That I should check off one or two more tasks on my very long to do list. That I should take the car through the car wash. That I should do anything besides have fun. 

But then I realized I had worked a full day Friday and Saturday. I had cleaned, cooked, and cleared off my desk.

After listing my accomplishments I still felt like I fell short. I felt like I should do more. I felt like taking a break was something I should wait to do. 

Then I thought if not now – then when? 

Memorial Day 2019 would come and go and I’d miss it. So I texted my sister that I was in! That I was going to bring the potato salad and lemonade. 

And I am so very glad I did. The sun was shining, the water fight was a blast, the food was delicious, the conversations were a lot of fun and many new memories were made. And I got my lemonade and S’mores. 

I’m wondering if you ever feel like you should put off something because you should be cleaning or de-cluttering or tackling yet another to-do on your list. 

If so, then will you join me? Let’s:

1. celebrate a success without diminishing your accomplishment by noting that there is more to be done – there is usually always more.

2. make time to do something that recharges your battery (it doesn’t have to be S’mores but I’m just saying it might be S’mores.)  

I’m proud of what you and I are getting done! Next week we’ll get back to doing stuff. Today let’s just be okay with what we’ve done.

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