Daily De-clutter Calendar Past Tosses

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Toss for 7/1 Fancy Ingredient for a meal you used one time and will never use again or will never use

June 1, 2019 lawn chair                         the one that is flimsy, broken, rusted or not used

June 2, 2019 unfinished DIY project the one you are never going to finish

June 3, 2019 sunscreen                         expired, wrong formula, or you don’t like

June 4, 2019 sports ball                         deflated, ripped, or simply not used

June 5, 2019 organizing solution       the thing you bought to help you organize but it didn’t work and now it is just clutter

June 6, 2019 umbrellas                          the one that is too big, too small or broken

June 7, 2019 knickknack                        the one you don’t like enough to dust anymore

June 8, 2019 fancy soap                        the ones from gift baskets or too good to use or you don’t like the scent

June 9, 2019 picnic basket                    if you never use it let it go

June 10, 2019 hat                                    baseball cap, sun at, visor, or any other hat you don’t wear

June 11, 2019 frozen food                    something you bought but will never use

June 12, 2019 rusty tool                        the one that rusted or you just never use

June 13, 2019 travel mugs                    the ones that you never reach for or that don’t fit the cup holder of your car

June 14, 2019 take-out menus           the paper ones you own multiples of for the same place

June 15, 2019 canvas bag                     you have too many reusable bags pick one you never reach for

June 16, 2019 costume jewelry         the piece you never wear

June 17, 2019 window curtain/blinds    broken blinds or curtains you won’t hang again

June 18, 2019 razor                                 the disposable one you don’t like using

June 19, 2019 sample size bath beauty item      the one you got for free but it is not right for you

June 20, 2019 body sponge                 the loofah or other sponge that needs replacing

June 21, 2019 water bottles                the ones you never use

June 22, 2019 magazines                      the ones you never read

June 23, 2019 plants                               dead plants that can’t be revived

June 24, 2019 ice cube trays                the ones that are cracked or difficult to use

June 25, 2019 beach/pool towels      the ones that are too well worn or that you never use

June 26, 2019 DVD                                  the one you watched and won’t replay or will never watch

June 27, 2019 catalog                             if you are on the list they’ll mail you another one

June 28, 2019 bed pillow                      if it needs replacing then let this one go

June 29, 2019 junk drawer item         you pick – anything counts

June 30, 2019 sandals                            too high of a heel, give you blisters, pink your toe

5/1 cheap cooking pot

5/2 hairbrush

5/3 garden supplies

5/4 re-usable bags

5/5 swimwear

5/6 shower products

5/7 socks

5/8 donate-able

5/9 junk drawer

5/10 brochure

5/11 coupons

5/12 t-shirt

5/13 journals

5/14 receipts

5/15 recyclable

5/16 take out menu

5/17              something saved to give to someone                              

5/18              board games                              

5/19              paperwork                       

5/20              corroded paper clips               

5/21              bottle of alcohol                       

5/22              fancy ingredient                       

5/23              rags                                     

5/24              mailing supplies                       

5/25              Flower preservative packets                

5/26              bulletin boards                          

5/27              refrigerator magnets          

5/28              newspapers                               

5/29              loose coins                       

5/30              mixes and blends of all kinds                               

5/31       glove box of your car     

4/1/2019        potholders

4/2/2019        trophy

4/3/2019        party supplies

4/4/2019        gift wrap

4/5/2019        bath mat

4/6/2019        can of paint                            

4/7/2019        craft item                                

4/8/2019        My Birthday!                          

4/9/2019        Old toothbrush                     

4/10/2019      Finished craft project          

4/11/2019      Pillow                                        

4/12/2019      Rinsed out container           

4/13/2019      Nature brought indoors     

4/14/2019      travel books                           

4/15/2019      junk mail                                  

4/16/2019      pantry item      

4/17/19 perfume or perfume bottle or cologne

4/18 broken clothes hanger

4/19 twist tie

4/20 dried up glue

4/21 somethign saving to fix

4/22 suitcase or luggage

4/23 old product box

4/24 blanket

4/25 loyalty card

4/26 paperweight

4/27 pantry item

4/28  Cd/DVD

4/29 bookmark

4/30 cleaning supply                     

March 5th = Salt and pepper shakers

March 6th = Wire hangers

March 7th = promo item like mug, t-shirt, bag or pen

March 8th = sunblock

March 9th = luggage

March 10th = shower curtain/liner

March 11th = tablecloth

March 12th = magnets

March 13th = phone books

March 14th = jar openers

March 15th = stationary

March 16th = candle holders

March 17th = garden supplies

March 18th = photo frame

March 19th = textbook

March 20th = beauty appliance

March 21st = wall art

March 22nd = return address labels

March 23rd = table runner

March 24th = eyeglasses

March 25th = bedside table

March 26th = random Knick Knack

March 27th = serving piece

March 28th = notebook

March 29th = specialty food

March 30th = doilies

March 31st = item been saving to sell
March 4th = Cookie cutter

March 3rd = condiment packets

March 2nd = extra thread and buttons from new clothes

March 1st = receipts

Feb 28th = paperwork to be shred

Feb. 27th = take out menus

Feb. 26th = that “waiting to donate item”  

Feb. 25th = Catalogs

Feb. 24th = Kitchen potholders & tea towels

Feb. 23rd = A sweater you never wear

Feb. 22nd = something you’re saving to sell

Feb. 21st = bobby pins & barrettes

Feb 20th = Board Games, Decks of Cards, Puzzles 

Feb. 19th = CD’s / DVD’s / VHS Tapes 

Feb. 18th = kitchen gadget (round 2)

Feb. 17th = First Aid Supplies 

Feb. 16th = clothes to wash/mend/tailor/fix

Feb. 15th = medicine cabinet

Feb. 14th = floral vases

Feb. 13th = cookbooks

Feb 12th = nail polish

Feb. 11th = Bake ware

Feb. 10th = slips/pantyhose (or socks) 

Feb. 9th = cleaning supplies

Feb. 8th = coffee cups / mugs 

Feb. 7th = boxes and bubble wrap 

Feb. 6th = vitamins & supplements 

Feb. 5th = new greeting cards

Feb. 4th = product manuals 

Feb. 3rd = purses and/or purse leftovers

Feb. 2nd = belts/ties

Feb. 1st = dresser drawer

Jan. 31st = nightstand

Jan. 30th = bookcase

Jan. 29th = under sink

Jan. 28th = flat surface 

Jan. 27th = closet shelf

Jan 26th = rubber bands

Jan. 25th = your wallet

Jan. 24th = business cards

Jan. 3rd = food storage containers

Jan. 22nd = Toiletries Tiny or Not 

Jan. 21st = To Be Read

Jan. 20th = Towels

Jan. 19th = Make-up

Jan. 18th = Freezer 

Jan. 17th = Shoes

Jan 16th = fridge

Jan. 15th = kitchen gadget (part one)

Jan. 14th = cell phone picture 

Jan. 13th = costume jewelry

Jan. 12th = something broken

Jan. 11th = dusty decor 

Jan. 10= office supply

Jan. 9th = drinking glass 

Jan. 8th = spices

Jan. 7th = twist ties

Jan. 6th = leftover gift wrap 

Jan. 5th = clipped recipe

Jan. 4th = a beauty/spa product

Jan. 3rd = a writing implement

Jan. 2nd = pair of socks

Jan. 1st = a magazine