Daily De-clutter Calendar Past Tosses

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4/1/2019        potholders

the ones that are too grimy to clean, the ones that are too big or too small, the ones that slip, the ones that are falling apart, the ones you never use, the ones that don’t work correctly.

4/2/2019        trophy

a trophy, medal or award of excellence that you no longer cherish. Take a photo if it helps, but let it go.

4/3/2019        party supplies

the stuff that is crushed, wrinkled, old, dusty, gross or otherwise unusable. Otherwise use it for everyday meals so you can use up the spares.

4/4/2019        gift wrap

the tissue paper you can no longer smooth out, the torn gift wrap, the bitty scraps of paper, the crushed bows and little lengths of ribbon

4/5/2019        bath mat

bath mats that are slippery with no backing, the ones with the backing crumbling off, the ones you no longer like, the ones that don’t wash well

4/6/2019        can of paint                            

dried up, never used up, the one from two houses ago or four paint jobs ago, the one that you have no idea what room it goes to

4/7/2019        craft item                                

the leftovers, the extras, the excess, the stuff you will never use the craft you will never make

4/8/2019        My Birthday!                          

In honor of my birthday please pick a toss of your choosing and let me know what you toss!

4/9/2019        Old toothbrush                     

The icky ones you save for cleaning, the ones with bent bristles, the ones you do not like, or share the excess if you bought way too many

4/10/2019      Finished craft project          

you made the craft and the making was the fun part now you are stuck with this finished project you do not love. Let it go.

4/11/2019      Pillow                                        

Toss pillows, throw pillows, bed pillows, guest pillows, neck pillows, contour pillows, specialty pillows – what is the deal with all the pillows?

4/12/2019      Rinsed out container           

You rinsed out the jar, can, container, jug, and tubs. Now what? Time to let them go – you will get more.

4/13/2019      Nature brought indoors     

On a walk you picked up a leaf, seashell, twig, feather, flower, rock, pinecone, or something else. Put it back outside, you can pick up another one.

4/14/2019      travel books                           

Old ones, used ones, never used ones, gifted ones, bought on sale one, borrowed ones, let those guides go!

4/15/2019      junk mail                                  

Pick something from that pile of junk mail and let it go!

4/16/2019      pantry item                            

Yes, we’re done the pantry before (and we’ll do it again) new unused pantry items show up over and over.

March 5th = Salt and pepper shakers

Keep the ones you use. Toss the ones you never use, the ones you can never figure out how to refill, the ones you can never refill without making a huge mess, the ones that are too big the ones that are too small and the souvenir ones that are never going to get used.

March 6th = Wire hangers

Clothes hangers from the dry cleaners, hangers that are too small, too thin, too thick, cracked, or otherwise unusable. If you simply have an excess, you can donate them, and wire ones can go back to the dry cleaners.

March 7th = promo item like mug, t-shirt, bag or pen

Those free promo items that don’t work right or you don’t need. A boxy t-shirt, a pen, a mug with the company logo, you get the idea.

March 8th = sunblock

The wrong SPF number, the greasy one, the ones that smells too gross, the ones you never use. Sunblock may not be as effective six months after opening or once it gets warm. If it’s been in the car or your beach bag it might be time to let it go.

March 9th = luggage

Old luggage that is falling apart. The pieces that have a broken handle or missing wheel.

March 10th = shower curtain/liner

Shower curtains you don’t hang. Liners you don’t like. Or both if you have shower doors and no longer need a curtain.

March 11th = tablecloth

Plastic ones, cloth ones, lace ones, dollar store ones. All the table clothes you never use or pare down if you have enough for all the tables in your favorite restaurants.

March 12th = magnets

The travel magnets on the front of the fridge. The save the date magnets from loved ones that have been married for years. The pizza parlor magnet you never reference. The promo and store magnets you don’t use.

March 13th = phone books

It’s time to recycle the Yellow Pages circa 1990.

March 14th = jar openers

How many jar openers do you need? The rubber circle ones, the crinkly kind, the ones that are more like a tool, the ones you never use, the ones that don’t work, the ones you don’t know how to operate.

March 15th = stationary

Notecards, fancy notepaper, envelopes with no card, cards with no envelopes.

March 16th = candle holders

Candle holders with or without candles in them. If the candle is burnt down or if you don’t burn candles, then pass them on or let them go.

March 17th = garden supplies

A rusty garden tool, open packets of seeds, pots and planters. Bags of soil, fertilizer and all the other garden stuff you no longer need. Tip: if you do garden consider sticking a mailbox in the garden as the place to stash snips and other tools you need to use all the time.

March 18th = photo frame

The ones you got as a gift that are just not your style. The ones you don’t love. The ones you have not filled with a photo and it has been five years. The tiny ones, the broken ones, the ones you are tired of dusting.

March 19th = textbook

You completed the class but kept the book. Time to let it go.

March 20th = beauty appliance

The crimpers, the curlers, the extra dryer, the ones you never use.

March 21st = wall art

A piece of art that you thought you’d hang but haven’t or the one you took down and don’t plan to put back up.

March 22nd = return address labels

The ones with an old address. The ones that are so old they are no longer sticky. The ones you don’t like. The ones that are too big or too small.

March 23rd = table runner

The table runner you used once and never used again. The table runner you never plan to put out. The one you don’t like. The one with glitter that gets everywhere. The one you have no idea how to wash so you can’t use it.

March 24th = eyeglasses

Sunglasses that are too big, too small, too dark or not dark enough. The readers in the wrong magnification for you. Eyeglasses with an old prescription or frames that are broken, or you don’t like  

March 25th = bedside table

Pick one thing that is cluttering up your side of the bed.

March 26th = random Knick Knack

That one item that you don’t love enough to keep dusting.

March 27th = serving piece

Serving platter, serving bowl, serving tray, some oversized piece that is so rarely used it doesn’t deserve to take up space.

March 28th = notebook

Notebooks, notepads, notepaper, anything note related. A tiny notebook too small to write in. A large notebook too big to tote around. A spiral notebook you just don’t need.

March 29th = specialty food

A specialty jam, jelly, relish, or tea. Something that came in a gift basket, or you bought on a whim but don’t love or an item you keep for when company pops by but now it is getting old.

March 30th = doilies

Handmade or otherwise, find a doily to ditch.

March 31st = item been saving to sell

Something you’ve been saving to sell and now realize it isn’t worth it to keep any longer. If you are saving stuff for a yard sale but haven’t hosted a sale in six years, then let it go.

March 4th = Cookie cutters

The shapes you never use, the rusty ones, the bent ones, or all of them if you never make shape cookies.

March 3rd = condiment packets

Mini mustard and mayo packets, tiny tarter sauce packets, cute little ketchup packets, small soy sauce packets, darling duck sauce packets. All those extra condiments that are old, sticky, flavors you don’t like or not used for any other reason.

March 2nd = extra thread and buttons from new clothes

Those tiny packets with little lengths of thread and spare buttons that come attached to new clothes. Clothes you probably already tossed or donated.

March 1st = receipts

The mile long ones from pharmacies and grocery stores, the tiny ones from fueling up your car, the ones from restaurants and stores and all the others that you don’t need. If you used the item and there is no chance of a return, if you don’t need it as proof of purchase or for any other reason then why keep it?

Feb 28th = paperwork to be shred

That form, document, or piece of mail that you need to conceal personal info on before recycling. Or that stack of “to be shred” that needs your attention.

Feb. 27th = take out menus

The ones from restaurant you no longer order from, the ones you read online instead, the ones from restaurants you have a standard order, the outdated ones, the ones from restaurants no longer in business, the ones you have in duplicate and triplicate.

Feb. 26th = that “waiting to donate item”  

The one that you put to the side, meaning to donate but haven’t. You forget to drop it off or you never scheduled a pick-up. Today is the day to give it away! 

Feb. 25th = Catalogs

The ones you never order from, the ones that are too outdated to be useful, the ones you kept for ideas but no longer need, the ones you know you’ll get again, the ones you have duplicates of, the ones you never asked to receive but somehow got on the mailing list anyway. You can opt out of catalogs at www.CatalogChoice.org (not a sponsor just a suggestion)

Feb. 24th = Kitchen potholders & tea towels

The potholder that is too cruddy to clean, the one that doesn’t work well, the ones that are too small or too big, the ones with shredding linings. These are my favorite potholders. The tea towels that are torn or ratty or just never get used.

Feb. 23rd = A sweater you never wear

The cardigan that is not comfy or cozy, the pull-over that is a little too tight, the duster that you thought you’d wear but never do, the one with a funky design, the cold-shoulder style you never have an occasion to wear…

Need to store the sweaters you are keeping? Check out my favorite drop front clothes organizer.

Feb. 22nd = something you’re saving to sell

You know that thing you tossed in a box to sell at a yard sale? It’s been sitting there for a year (or two) and if you haven’t sold it by now maybe you can just donate it? The space you’ll gain and the guilt you’ll alleviate by just letting go may be worth it!

If you are having a sale make it easy with this yard sale kit that includes a money apron!

Feb. 21st = bobby pins & barrettes

The rusty ones, the bent ones, the ones that pull or don’t stay in place, the ones that you never wear. And check out this clever magnetic organizer for the ones you are keeping.

Feb 20th = Board Games, Decks of Cards, Puzzles 

Those board games you never play, the dusty decks of cards, the puzzles you never get around to assembling. Think of passing them along to a local library for their game nights – then go the library on game night so you can play the games. Some libraries leave out a puzzle for patrons to help solve. Or maybe the local YMCA needs them? Or the neighborhood Senior Center?

This storage bench is where I stash my board games and puzzles, I love that it doubles as seating!

Feb. 19th = CD’s / DVD’s / VHS Tapes 

The ones you never opened, the ones you opened but never watched/listened to, the ones you watched/listened to once, the ones you will never watch/listen to again. The ones you bought on sale but don’t like, duplicates, ones given to you as a gift, ones purchased on a whim. Consider giving them to a Friends of the Library sale or to a local hospital for patients to listen to while going through treatment.

If you like to listen to your CD’s in the car try this visor storage.

Feb. 18th = kitchen gadget (round 2)

The scorched wooden spoon, the flimsy pancake flipper, the slotted spoon you never use, the garlic press that is too much trouble, the rusty bottle opener, the broken chip clip.

This is my favorite veggie peeler!

Feb. 17th = First Aid Supplies 

Out of date ointments and creams, open bandages, used splints, and anything else you shouldn’t keep.

I keep a kit in my car along with this HALO portable power. I travel a lot and this handy box allows me to charge my phone and computer on the go. Plus it jumps a dead battery easily – I should know, I used it twice last year.

Feb. 16th = clothes to wash/mend/tailor/fix

The shorts without a button and you have not sewn it back on months, the blouse with a stain you haven’t been able to remove, the blazer that needs to be tailored and it will cost more than you paid for the garment, the sweater that’s been in your laundry pile for years.

Feb. 15th = medicine cabinet

Cream you don’t love, irritating make-up remover, clippers that don’t clip, almost empty dental floss roll, tweezers that don’t tweeze, bent bristle toothbrush, and more.

This shelf adds much needed storage space.

Feb. 14th = floral vases

How many fresh flowers do you display at one time? That’s how many vases you need. Time to dig under the kitchen sink to find a vase or two you never use. Pass it along, give it back to the florist, fill it with flowers and give it to a friend.

Feb. 13th = cookbooks

Cookbooks you never use, the ones you bought because everyone else has one, the ones you only keep for one recipe. the ones with complicated recipes or that call for ingredients you don’t commonly purchase. Give them away, pass them to a friend or donate them to a Friends of the Library sale.

Feb 12th = nail polish

The gloppy one, the too little to use one, the too bright of a color one, the too sparkly one, the too dark colored one, the too light colored one, the one with the cap painted on and won’t come off…

My Mom had a manicure kit that I inherited. They don;t make that one any more but this one is a close second.

Feb. 11th = Bake ware

Bye-bye bundt pan you used once, spring form pan you never used, specialty pans, warped and rusty pans, and so, so many 9 x 13 pans…if you use it and love it keep it, if someone could use it more than you then let them have it! This is the bake ware organizer I cannot live without!

Feb. 10th = slips/pantyhose (or socks) 

Slips that slip down, too big, too small, too short, too long, never use, won’t use, runs in them, stretched out, wrong colors, too binding, wrong style or simply worn out!

Feb. 9th = cleaning supplies

The bottle of cleanser that doesn’t work for you. The empty spray bottle you’ve been storing just in case you need it. The scrubber brush with loose bristles and more. This is the cleaning caddy I use to tote my tools around.

Feb. 8th = coffee cups / mugs 

If you have enough coffee cups to open a cafe you might need to pare down. The ones with company logos, the chipped ones, the ones with a broken handle. Too stained to serve guests, too big, too small, too short, too tall. Check out this space saving storage idea!

Feb. 7th = boxes and bubble wrap 

I have no idea what I’ll need to mail or when – but just in case I save every size box and a ridiculous amount of bubble wrap. Today let’s pare down. Some shipping stores take back packing material.

Feb. 6th = vitamins & supplements 

The protein powder you paid a lot of money for but only used once, the expired bottle of vitamins, the supplement you no longer need to take and anything else you don’t need to keep.

Feb. 5th = new greeting cards

Some are past their prime, if they are crumpled, the envelope is glued shut from humidity, they are faded, or you simply have way too many then consider recycling some or passing some along to others. This is the ArtBin Super Semi-Satchel – Clear Art Craft Storage Box, 6925AB""“>box I use to store mine so they don’t get crushed in the desk drawer.

Feb. 4th = product manuals 

Today we are tackling that box of product manuals – the ones from electronics you no longer own or ones already know how to operate. Reminder: most manufacturers offer an online manual KEEP any for items you might sell as you will be more likely to get a higher price if you include it with the product.

Feb. 3rd = purses and/or purse leftovers 

Anything left in a handbag from when you switched – wrappers, receipts, change, lip gloss, tissue (used or unused I don’t judge), you get the idea. And/or an a handbag with a non-repairable broken strap, never used (maybe donate?) or just not your style – too large too small…you get the idea. Need a purse organizer for your closet? Try this one.

Feb. 2nd = belts/ties

The free belt you never wear but keep because it came with the pants. The belt that shrunk (obviously) because it no longer fits. The twenty ties for a job you retired from seven years ago.

Feb. 1st = dresser drawer

Worn out T-shirt, skin tight leggings, and seen better days sweat pants we’re looking at you!

Jan. 31st = nightstand

Jan. 30th = bookcase

Jan. 29th = under sink

This is the organizer I use to make the most of my space under the sink. I also stick up a motion activated battery operated light!

Jan. 28th = flat surface 

Jan. 27th = closet shelf 

These dividers keep stuff stacked on shelves from tipping over.

Jan 26th = rubber bands

Jan. 25th = your wallet

Jan. 24th = business cards

Jan. 3rd = food storage containers

Tired of trying to match lids to containers? Check out this organizer!

Jan. 22nd = Toiletries Tiny or Not 

Jan. 21st = To Be Read

Jan. 20th = Towels

Jan. 19th = Make-up

Jan. 18th = Freezer 

Jan. 17th = Shoes

Jan 16th = fridge

Jan. 15th = kitchen gadget (part one)

Jan. 14th = cell phone picture 

Jan. 13th = costume jewelry

Jan. 12th = something broken

Jan. 11th = dusty decor 

Jan. 10= office supply

Jan. 9th = drinking glass 

Jan. 8th = spices

Here’s a way to store the spices you are holding onto.

Jan. 7th = twist ties

Jan. 6th = leftover gift wrap 

Growing up our gift wrapping supplies were stored under the bed. This handy organizer would have made it a whole lot easier!

Jan. 5th = clipped recipe

Jan. 4th = a beauty/spa product

Jan. 3rd = a writing implement

Jan. 2nd = pair of socks

Jan. 1st = a magazine

Check out these magazine holders.

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