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Feb. 14th = floral vases

How many fresh flowers do you display at one time? That’s how many vases you need. Time to dig under the kitchen sink to find a vase or two you never use. Pass it along, give it back to the florist, fill it with flowers and give it to a friend.

Feb. 13th = cookbooks

Cookbooks you never use, the ones you bought because everyone else has one, the ones you only keep for one recipe. the ones with complicated recipes or that call for ingredients you don’t commonly purchase. Give them away, pass them to a friend or donate them to a Friends of the Library sale.

Feb 12th = nail polish

The gloppy one, the too little to use one, the too bright of a color one, the too sparkly one, the too dark colored one, the too light colored one, the one with the cap painted on and won’t come off…

Feb. 11th = Bake ware

Bye-bye bundt pan you used once, spring form pan you never used, specialty pans, warped and rusty pans, and so, so many 9 x 13 pans…if you use it and love it keep it, if someone could use it more than you then let them have it!

Feb. 10th = slips/pantyhose (or socks) 

Slips that slip down, too big, too small, too short, too long, never use, won’t use, runs in them, stretched out, wrong colors, too binding, wrong style or simply worn out!

Feb. 9th = cleaning supplies

The bottle of cleanser that doesn’t work for you. The empty spray bottle you’ve been storing just in case you need it. The scrubber brush with loose bristles. And more…  

Feb. 8th = coffee cups / mugs 

If you have enough coffee cups to open a cafe you might need to pare down. The ones with company logos, the chipped ones, the ones with a broken handle. Too stained to serve guests, too big, too small, too short, too tall…

Feb. 7th = boxes and bubble wrap 

I have no idea what I’ll need to mail or when – but just in case I save every size box and a ridiculous amount of bubble wrap. Today let’s pare down. Some shipping stores take back packing material.

Feb. 6th = vitamins & supplements 

The protein powder you paid a lot of money for but only used once, the expired bottle of vitamins, the supplement you no longer need to take and anything else you don’t need to keep.

Feb. 5th = new greeting cards

Some are past their prime, if they are crumpled, the envelope is glued shut from humidity, they are faded, or you simply have way too many then consider recycling some or passing some along to others.

Feb. 4th = product manuals 

Today we are tackling that box of product manuals – the ones from electronics you no longer own or ones already know how to operate. Reminder: most manufacturers offer an online manual KEEP any for items you might sell as you will be more likely to get a higher price if you include it with the product.

Feb. 3rd = purses and/or purse leftovers 

Anything left in a handbag from when you switched – wrappers, receipts, change, lip gloss, tissue (used or unused I don’t judge), you get the idea. And/or an a handbag with a non-repairable broken strap, never used (maybe donate?) or just not your style – too large too small…you get the idea.

Feb. 2nd = belts/ties

The free belt you never wear but keep because it came with the pants. The belt that shrunk (obviously) because it no longer fits. The twenty ties for a job you retired from seven years ago.

Feb. 1st = dresser drawer

Worn out T-shirt, skin tight leggings, and seen better days sweat pants we’re looking at you!

Jan. 31st = nightstand

Jan. 30th = bookcase

Jan. 29th = under sink

Jan. 28th = flat surface 

Jan. 27th = closet shelf 

Jan 26th = rubber bands

Jan. 25th = your wallet

Jan. 24th = business cards

Jan. 3rd = food storage containers 

Jan. 22nd = Toiletries Tiny or Not 

Jan. 21st = To Be Read

Jan. 20th = Towels

Jan. 19th = Make-up

Jan. 18th = Freezer 

Jan. 17th = Shoes

Jan 16th = fridge

Jan. 15th = kitchen gadget

Jan. 14th = cell phone picture 

Jan. 13th = costume jewelry

Jan. 12th = something broken

Jan. 11th = dusty decor 

Jan. 10= office supply

Jan. 9th = drinking glass 

Jan. 8th = spices

Jan. 7th = twist ties

Jan. 6th = leftover gift wrap 

Jan. 5th = clipped recipe

Jan. 4th = a beauty/spa product

Jan. 3rd = a writing implement

Jan. 2nd = pair of socks

Jan. 1st = a magazine