Don’t Forget These

Turns out there are a handful of items that are on the “most forgotten” list.

Hopefully I can save you a trip to the store by sharing the most forgotten items with you. Ready? Here they are:

  1. club soda for spills
  2. extra ice
  3. breakfast for the day after
  4. extra toilet paper
  5. extra aluminum foil and clear wrap
  6. enough butter (think: serving, cooking, potatoes, rolls, deserts etc.)
  7. cool whip for pie
  8. coffee creamer and sugar substitutes
  9. candles for table
  10. “nice” disposable napkins and plates
  11. extra drinks and soda
  12. snacks for the game
  13. sandwich fixings: buns, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and mayo
  14. extra trash bags
  15. lots and lots of tape
  16. an assortment of batteries

Looking for a unique hostess gift? Try having a centerpiece delivered the day of the party. Or pack up a brunch basket so the hostess has something to eat the morning after her party – other than cold mashed potatoes that is.

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