Don’t Put it Down Put it Away

It has been a particularly busy few days around here. Do you ever find when you’re extra busy things can get extra messy?

Today I wasted W-A-Y too much time searching for the battery charger for the camera. In case you couldn’t tell I finally found it! Otherwise I would not have been able to take all these photos; and yes, one of the photos is of the battery changer for the camera.










Once the battery was fully charged I took unplugged the charger.

Then instead of tossing the charger in the “charging stuff” drawer with all the other charging items like cords- which would have taken what? Like a nanosecond, I left it on the kitchen counter top.

Now I keep moving it around on the counter. Something sticky spilled on it so then I had to clean it. All of which would never happen if I’d just put it away instead of putting it down.

Seriously, I think it was orange juice. Anyway, it could get lost or worse yet, broken!

Here’s the thing: when I put something down instead of putting it away I save time in the short term. But I end up wasting way too much time in the long run. So if you are like me and you too could use more time each day let’s try to follow this rule:

Don’t Put it Down – Put it Away!










Look, here is documented proof of the hundredth time I tossed my jacket over the arm of the couch, even though there is an EMPTY hook two feet away!

Now the jacket will need to be brushed off because my white haired dog Holly decided to take a nap on my black jacket.

Plus there is a really good chance this will start a trend. Others will pile their coats on top of mine and then mine will be “missing” and I’ll waste time looking for it.









Oh, and here are the scissors. I used them to cut the tag off Holly’s new toy. Did I take a moment to put them back? No. Instead I played a few rounds of fetch with Holly. The next time I need these scissors I know I’ll spend valuable time hunting them down.









And why is my make-up bag in the kitchen on the counter? Because I have to try applying my make-up in natural sunlight – the expert in the article I clipped out (and left on the table) told me so! I gave it a shot and put my makeup by the kitchen window. Still not sure if I can tell a difference.

When I was finished did I walk the make-up bag back to the bathroom? No I did not.

I left it right next to the soap dispenser and lantern.









Here is a plate of leftover seashells. I completed my craft project and I should have bagged these up and placed them in the craft drawer. But I left them on the plate. The plate has tipped over twice, that I know of.

I wasted time picking them up and three broke.

I could have avoided all that if I’d simply put them away instead of putting them down.









Bought these at the store. Need them in my tote bag. Are they in my tote bag? No. They are on the dining room table. Having them on the table at home will not help me one bit when I’m out and and about and need a mint.

I could save myself a lot of time and aggravation if I’d stick to my own rule: Don’t Put it Down – Put it Away!

We don’t have to get it right every time. But the more often we do the fewer items that will be left out, the more time well save and the more successful we will feel.

Today I’m going to try to catch myself each time I go to just put something down. Care to join me? I know we can do this!

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