How to Organize the Top 3 Clutter Spots: kitchen, closets, and paper clutter 

Join author and de-cluttering humorist Jamie Novak for this three part virtual program to learn the solutions for the most cluttered spaces in your home.

Week 1 May 11 kitchen clutter: make cooking a whole lot easier with ideas for your pantry, cabinets, spices, fridge, countertops and more.

Week 2 May 18 closet clutter: use the storage space more effectively so you have room to store even more. Learn the five steps to clean any closet and the do’s and don’ts to tidy up.

Week 3 May 25 Piles of paperwork: learn which papers you need to keep and where to keep them, what you can shred and more.

Get motivated and stay on track with mini homework assignments between classes. After this three part virtual series you’ll have all the information you need to keep these spots clutter-free! REGISTER