Fill One Bag then Toss It

So you may remember back at the start of the New Year I challenged you to join me for the BIG BAG TOSS of 2016.

Turns out many of you really liked the idea of the big bag toss challenge.

It also turns out many of you started but didn’t exactly finish.

I want you to be successful and feel accomplished!

Which is why I’m bringing the challenge back – but in mini form.

Ready for the challenge?

This week fill ONE bag and TOSS it!

Here is how it works:

Step 1 Fill ONE bag with items to give away or otherwise get out of your home
Step 2 Actually give the bags away (as you might imagine, this is the MOST important step)

It will NOT count if you fill the bags but they never make it out your front door.

It also will NOT count if you put the bags in the trunk of your car but then forget to drop them off (not that I know anything about that.)

If you are more of a “please come pick up the bags” kind of person you can try logging onto and scheduling a charity to pick up.

Donating the bag is not the only tossing option, here are some more:

  • Follow through “tossing” the bag you’ve had filled and ready to go – just dust it off first
  • Recycle the bag of bags the next time you are at the grocery store
  • Return the items in the bag to their proper owner
  • Return the items to the store if you are not keeping them
  • You might share the bag with friends, family or co-workers.
  • You might consign the bag at a local shop.
  • You might recycle the contents of the bag.
  • Or sometimes the items really just need to be trashed.

Are you wondering how large the bag has to be to count?

Any bag counts!

  1. You can fill a laundry bag.
  2. You can fill a gift bag.
  3. You can fill a plastic shopping bag.
  4. You can fill a re-usable bag.
  5. You can fill a lunch bag.
  6. You can fill a shopping bag.
  7. You can fill a “good” shopping bag with the rope handles (if you think you can let it go)
  8. You can fill a baggie (think a baggie of pens to give to a school)
  9. You can nest gift bags inside a large gift bag and give the bags to a local charity
  10. You can even fill a clear zipper bag from linens (although I have no idea why you’d want to toss one of those fantastic zipper bags)

And yes you can even fill a bag with other bags or fill a box or a laundry basket. It all counts.

So set a timer for five minutes and start tossing stuff into a bag. Ready, set, toss!

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