Get The Bag Out

After a live program last week an attendee came up to share a challenge and her comment is the jumping off point for this topic this week: Drop it off or schedule a pickup! 

Her challenge was this- she’s able to get some things into a bag with the best of intentions to give them to charity. But the bags sit there. Sometimes for a VERY lllooooonnnggg time…

Sound familiar?

I’ve done the same thing. I have Holly’s puppy harness and leash in a bag to drop off to the local Humane Society. I pass their driveway at least once a week. Holly turns seven this August! The bag is in my front hall closet.

This week what if we either schedule a pickup or make a planned trip to drop something off?
Imagine the relief you’ll feel just having it out of the

So, are you with me? If we’re friends on one of the social media places, please let me know if you are planning a drop-off or scheduling a pickup.

Need a place to pick up? Try logging onto to find someone who can pick up. Let’s do this!

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