How many sets of sheets per bed

How many sets of sheets per bed

If your linen closet is overflowing use my ‘rule of sheets’ to pare down today. This is how many sets of sheets per bed (insert drum roll here) THREE! Yes, three. Here’s why:

Set #1

On the bed

Set # 2

In the laundry

Set # 3

In the linen closet


  1. If you change your pillow case more often than you change the sheets, have more pillow cases on hand.
  2. If one of the beds is not used as often (like a guest bed) then you might not need all three.

What to do with unused sheets?

If you have sets of sheets and other linens that you don’t use, you can donate them to a local pet shelter. The volunteers can use them to clean and they line the cold cages with your cozy linens.

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