How to appraise collectibles

While you are decluttering there is a good chance you’ll come across an item and wonder, “does this have real value?” This is how to appraise collectibles, toys, treasures, and souvenirs, and more!

Search online

Go Antiques is a database of items, you can do a free search there. You could also do a search on Ebay to get a sense of value. If you choose to search there, be sure filter your results by checking the “show sold only” box. This will help you get a clearer picture of what is listed versus what it actually sold for.

Use a free online appraisal programs

Country Living magazine

You can hire an accredited appraiser.

Appraisers are neutral parties, who only appraise, they can not purchase. There are three major appraiser associations: Appraisers Association of AmericaInternational Society of Appraisers and the American Society of Appraisers. Most have specialties, so seek someone who is an expert in your item. You can expect to pay a flat fee, $150+ never a percentage of the value.

Paid online appraisals

You could use Value My Stuff to get an appraisal for $30. all you have to do is upload a photo.

Live auction houses

Sotheby’s and Christie’s offer online appraisals for free, if the item is something they would auction. Or check your local listings, there may be an auction house near you.

Check out your local library

Libraries are a great resource for information. They have pricing guides you can look through.

Try to get on Antiques Roadshow

Or maybe you want to apply to be on Antiques Roadshow?

Now that you know the value, check out Where to Sell My Stuff.