How to declutter kitchen drawers

how to declutter kitchen drawers

If you can’t open your kitchen drawers without pushing stuff down, that is a clue it is past time to declutter. Is it time for you to declutter the kitchen drawers? Let’s get you a quick win! First, toss a rusty bottle opener or cracked corkscrew.

Take the mystery out of how to declutter kitchen drawers by following these steps:

1. Empty out the drawer, remove all the contents, and the crumbs and the half melted birthday candle stuck way, way in the back.

2. Sort the items, grouping like together. All the spoons, all the serving spoons and so on.

3. Decide which are the keepers – the slotted spoon you use almost every time you cook. Which ones you can live without – the flimsy pancake turner that is slightly melted. And which you still want – the salad tongs. Unless you use them every day they might not deserve such prime real estate. That drawer is best reserved for the items you reach for all the time.

4. Add drawer organizers. These are my favorite. They take up less space than a full drawer organizer where you lose storage space because the organizer is large. Plus, these are fully customizable. Which means you can adjust them as your needs change.

5. Return the items to the drawer. Group like items together. Don’t overcrowd the drawer.

Going forward keep the drawer neat and tidy by a. always returning items to their correct spot ad b. whenever you add a new item make sure you let one go.

Not sure what to keep?

Here’s how to declutter kitchen drawers when you are stuck. Try placing all the items in a basket and leave it on the counter top. Over the next week, return the items you use to the drawer. At the end of the week the items still in the basket, they deserve another look.

Can I donate stuff from kitchen drawers?

Yes, you can donate the items from your kitchen drawers. While you are decluttering the kitchen drawers, keep a box to collect items you can share.

Consider a stock box!

Dedicate one box as the stock box. The one place to store extras. You don’t need to many duplicates in the drawer. When you need to replace an item – just shop from home.

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