How to declutter the kitchen

how to declutter the kitchen

Are you looking for an easy answer to the question, “how to declutter the kitchen?” I have a quick win to get you started – declutter the top and outside of the refrigerator. The fridge is spot where clutter can accumulate. Magnets is one of the things that can make your entire kitchen look clutter-filled.

Are you saying, “but wait Jamie, I LOVE my magnets and I want to keep them. What can I do?” Great question, my good friend M.L. shared her fantastic idea for displaying those special magnets. She arranged them on a framed magnetic board! That way her refrigerator stays clutter-free and the magnets stay safe (no spills, stains, or breakage.) Then she can appreciate all her treasured magnets as a collection.

And don’t overlook the top of the fridge. Use up that half empty box of cereal then dust off the one decoration you’ll find behind the open a bag of crackers. Use baskets to prevent losing items towards the back of the top of the fridge. Choose a basket with an easy to reach handle. Or opt for an open bin that you place on the side with the top (open part) facing forward. It will act as a container to keep things easy to reach and less likely to tip over.

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Coming Up!

Now that you know how to declutter the kitchen, I hope you can join me online for one of these free online programs coming up this week: What to declutter todayDeclutter this summerDeclutter sentimental items7 tiny decluttering ideas. And if you don’t have a copy of Keep This Toss That I’d suggest picking one up today. You’ll find yourself highlighting pages and using it as an ongoing reference. Plus, it makes a great paperweight for the pile of papers you keep saying you’ll go through one day.

High five! You did a great job getting started, this is how to declutter the kitchen.

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