How to organize appliance manuals

This is how to organize appliance manuals, easily. Today we are tackling the outdated, old, and un-necessary appliance manuals, because no one needs a 50-page booklet about how to operate a basic window fan – that they no longer own.

How to organize appliance manuals

Before you organize any appliance manuals, first ask yourself “is this available elsewhere?” If the answer is yes! then reconsider your need to keep it. Many times the appliance manuals are available as PDF documents on the manufactures’ website. Plus, they are searchable; so you don’t need to try to read pages and pages of teeny-tiny print that requires a magnifying glass.

Sort through your collection of booklets. Pick out only the ones you need for the items you own. If you are considering selling the item, save the booklet. Having the manual to go with the item can increase the sale price.

Ways to organize the appliance manuals:

Try one of these three methods for storing the booklets:

  1. A three ring binder with pocket folders or sheet protectors. Alphabetize the manuals and store them A-Z or by rooms of the house.
  2. Shove them all in a shoebox and hope you never need to retrieve one.
  3. Stash them in the room where you would use them. For example, slip kitchen appliance manuals under the silverware tray in the kitchen drawer and instruction booklets for the lawnmower and the snow blower in the garage. Put them in a safe place, just not so safe that you forget where you put them.

The idea is to have one system so you know how you are storing them. That way, should you ever need to reference it, you won’t waste time looking for it. And if you have a warranty booklet, staple the purchase receipt to the cover. That way you have everything you need if you ever need to reach out to the company for support.

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