How to organize lunch containers

how to organize lunch containe rs

Today we clear out all the forgotten lunchboxes from the shelf. We can only hope that when you open them, you don’t find a long lost sandwiches inside. This is also a good time to check over your re-useable ice pack collection. Let’s check out how to organize lunch containers, insulated boxes, lunch boxes.

Pare Down the Collection

Sort your collection, grouping similar types together. Once you know how many you own, it will be easier to pick the best and “toss” the rest. Hold onto the ones you use all the time. Or the ones you could need soon.

Share the Excess

Consider donating the still-good, but not-needed, insulated bags, thermoses, and lunch boxes.

Toss the Trash

The bag with the broken zipper can’t be donated. If you have ones that are zipped, cracked, have a broken strap, or a missing lid, you’ll have to toss them. Check out if you need local recycling options.

Water Bottle Storage

For the ones you are going to keep, try this clever rack to store your water bottle collection. Nest smaller bags inside larger ones.

Great job on a quick win! You now know how to organize lunch containers. Are you ready to tidy up other areas? Check out more posts here. Keep your momentum going by joining me online next week for these free online programs:

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