How to Organize Supplies

You know the spare thread that comes in a tiny bag with new clothes? Let’s donate them today! I don’t even know which outfit mine go to. And chances are, we already gave that item away anyway. Keep reading to see how to organize supplies for crafting and sewing. Tidy up your supplies by choosing organizing options that keep them visible. Being able to see your supply stash, can jumpstart your creativity!

File Your Fabric

Transform a filing cabinet into a fabric cabinet. Add a bunch of hanging file folders. Then drape the fabric over the file folder. Open the drawer and at a glance you see all your fabric neatly lined up. Pull what you need. No more stacking or re-buying what you know you own but can’t find.

Double Duty Spice Rack

With 56 jars to fill this wall mounted spice rack solves the problem of where to store the little stuff. Sequins, glitter, buttons, and more will be on display. Because it is wall mounted you don’t have to give up any countertop space.

Use Magnetic Tape

Apply peel-and-stick magnetic tape to the cutting table and sides of the drawers. It is the perfect place to collect pins and things.

Add a Measuring Tape

Just like they do at the fabric store, glue a measuring tape to the table.

Go Vertical

Stick what you can to the wall to make use of wasted space. Try a thread organizer that hangs on the wall.

Use a Gift Wrap Organizer

A hanging or under-bed gift wrap organizer can be the solution for how to organize supplies. Rolls of fabric fit in the largest pocket. Smaller pockets can hold rolls of ribbon and binding.

Transform a Bathroom Towel Rack

Hang a bathroom towel rack to hold spools of ribbon.

Try an Ice Cube Tray

Ice cube trays are ideal drawer organizers. The small compartments are perfect for storing notions and buttons and more.

Great job on a quick win.

Now you know how to organize supplies for sewing.

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