How to organize your bathroom

how to organize your bathroom

Here is a quick win to get you started if you are wondering how to organize your bathroom, refresh the bathmat. An old, threadbare mat isn’t absorbent. You deserve a non-slip, plush bathmat.

Adding a new bathmat can be just the jumpstart you need, it can motivate you to tidy the other areas. One you do one fun thing, there is a good chance you’ll want to do more tasks. And adding a fresh item, like a bathmat, can make you want to refresh the rest of the bath.

What’s next?

Here’s what else you can do if you are wondering how to organize your bathroom:

  1. Medicine cabinet make-over. Most Police Departments and some pharmacies accept old, outdated, unused medications for proper disposal.
  2. Stack the towels. There is still a debate about which folding or rolling technique saves the most space. Either way you do it, just stack them in a tidy pile.
  3. The time has come to declutter the corners of the shower. That might mean you need to use up an almost empty body wash. And opt for a shower caddy for the ones you are keeping.
  4. Reclaim the space under the sink with an under sink organizer.
  5. Clear the drawer and the vanity top. Lose the rusty bobby pins and years old make-up.
Coming Up!

I hope you can join me online for one of these free online programs coming up next week: What to declutter todayDeclutter this summerDeclutter sentimental items7 tiny decluttering ideas. And if you don’t have a copy of Keep This Toss That I’d suggest picking one up today. You’ll find yourself highlighting pages and using it as an ongoing reference. Plus, it makes a great paperweight for the pile of papers you keep saying you’ll go through one day.

Great job learning how to organize your bathroom!

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