How to organize your bookshelf

how to organize your bookshelf

When you are ready to organize your bookshelf, letting go of reference material you no longer reference, is a great way to create space instantly. Scan the shelves for unused books like cookbooks, travel guides, almanacs, encyclopedia sets, dictionaries, and the thesaurus. If you don’t use them it is time to let them go. Yes, you can donate them. Use your zip code to locate a local drop box for books with BetterWorldBooks. Some libraries are collecting books for upcoming book sales. And if your town allows, you might leave them curbside with a sign that says – free to a good home.

Try styling your bookcase so it is more decorative, than just a line of books. I use these bookshelf baskets to contain items I don’t want to see all the time. It’s perfect for the things I need to keep handy, but don’t want to look at, like video game consoles. The baskets come in 17 colors, so you can find a set that works with your décor.

Here are a few other hints that might help you create a clutter free bookshelf.
  1. Lose the space between the books and the shelf edge. It collects dust and clutter. Bring your books to sit flush with the edge of the shelf.
  2. Leave some open space, you do not need to fill every inch of the shelf. And as I type with I am laughing. Is there anyone who will not need to fill up the whole shelf? I’m a lover of books and I’m guessing you are too.
  3. Style the bookshelf by stacking some books. Use them as risers to display treasures, memorabilia, and souvenirs.

After you organize your bookshelf it might be time to tackle the home office. Completing a quick win a day is just the consistent focus we need to finally declutter and organize our homes. I hope you are planning to join me for an upcoming live online program. Here’s what’s coming up: photos and sentimental stuff, clever storage ideas, make space for summer fun, get organized for good, and Keep This Toss That (6/15 2pm this is the meeting link passcode is 920844) hope to see you online next week!

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