How to organize your closet

Is a closet even really a closet if you don’t have a broken tabletop fountain shoved on the back of a shelf somewhere? Originally purchased as a product meant to help you relax – and who doesn’t need to relax – all this clutter is stressing us out! Now that relaxing fountain is now part of the clutter problem! If you are trying to organize your closet, that broken fountain needs to be the first item to go.

Tabletop fountains are not meant to last forever, maybe yours got clogged up or the motor burned out. If it is not working, it won’t get fixed sitting on the shelf in the closet, collecting dust. If the fountain is still working, but you don’t want to use it anymore, then bag it up and share it.

And if you are saying, “but Jamie I don’t have a tabletop fountain, or at least I don’t think I do” don’t worry, I’m sure you will find something else that needs to go. It might be an impulse infomercial product, a half-finished craft project, a piece of artwork you won’t display again, or maybe a lampshade. Again, not sure why, it just seems most of us have at least one random lamp shade that may or may not even fit a lamp we currently own.

Today is the day to organize your closet and that means tossing out all the stuff you no longer use. Clear one shelf, sort the items into categories, keep what you love and donate/share/toss the rest. Return the items you are keeping to the shelves. Use bins, baskets, and containers to hold the items. Clearly label the containers so you know what is where and where to return things to the closet. These are the steps to organize your closet.

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