How to organize your home office

Is your home overflowing with ink? The free promotional pens, the boxes of pens we’ve purchased, and the pens we accidentally “borrowed” when we walked away with them from the cashier. If you have more pens than you need – but don’t want to throw them away – here are some ways to organize your home office and “toss” them today.

  1. Bag them up and donate them
  2. Give them to your local library
  3. Put some in your handbag, and leave them with a cashier (you probably owe them one anyway)

Paring down the pen collection is a great place to start. But you don’t have to stop there when organizing your home office. Check the drawers for bent paperclips and other clutter that can go. Keep only the items you use daily or weekly front and center in the drawers. Consider keeping excess in a box otherwise known as your stockroom. As you need to replenish your stock you can shop your stock.

If you know me then you already know how much I LOVE sticky notes! In fact, I wrote the idea for this post on, you guessed it, a sticky note. Which is why, on my desk, I use a pen cup sticky note holder combo. Keeping your desk tidy is key when it comes to organizing your home office.

And if you are a writer (or know one) the question I get asked all the time is – which pens so I like most? The answer is Pilot Acroball, they don’t skip or glop. By the way, dit you know I am teaching a writing class? Here are the details.

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