How to organize your home office

How to organize your home office

Are you looking to organize your home office, start with the stash of three-ring binders. Binders are bulky to store and they don’t last forever. Metal parts rust, cardboard covers can deteriorate into dust, and the covers bend.

Saving the extras “just in case you need them” takes up a ton of space. Tossing them in the trash feels wasteful. So what can you do? You can donate them! Home office supplies, including three-ring binders is a great way to share all your extras.

Unless you are planning to open up a stationary store sometime soon, sorting out your office supplies is a great first step to take when you are organizing your home office. For the supplies you want to hold onto, consider creating a stockroom. One place where you stash the excess, so when you need them you can shop from your stockroom.

Don’t forget to look in desk drawers and cabinets for things to discard. Yes, you can donate office supplies. While decluttering, start filling a box or bag, with things that others can use. Fill your container with donations, then get them out the door. When organizing your home office, be on the lookout for these items that you can share with others:

-Pens and markers

-Blank greeting cards and notecards and envelopes

-Three ring binders and extra paper

-Staplers, hole punch, rulers

-Blank CD’s and DVD’s

If you come across booklets while de-cluttering, this is how to organize appliance manuals. One cabinet at a time, one drawer at a time, one pile at a time, you can organize your home office. You will be more efficient and a tidy office makes for a much more comfortable place to work. Plus, you’ll be able to find what you need when you need it!

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