how to stop catalogs in the mail

how to stop catalogs in the mail
Today, let’s get your table back! If your mail pile contains catalogs this is how to stop catalogs in the mail; unsubscribe at

Good News
The good news is that you will never regret stopping a catalog subscription. Why? Because if you change your mind, all you have to do is re-subscribe.

But I Might Need It
I used to love flipping through catalogs. Then I realized they were filled with all the things I never knew I needed, until -you guessed it – I read the catalog. All of a sudden my stuff wasn’t as good as the new things in the catalog.

My ice cream scoop isn’t heated, my couch doesn’t have a remote pouch. And I don’t own an umbrella just for my handbag. And I sure don’t have tiny corn on the cob shaped plates for ears of corn on the cob. But you know what I do have? Regular dinner plates. And you know what you can put on a dinner plate – yes that’s right – ears of corn on the cob!

Hmmm maybe I need a monogramed cheeseboard, wait, do I? I don’t eat cheese. But I might have company and they might want cheese. Wait, will I? I’m not having indoor company right now. And I probably already own one, most likely it collecting dust in a kitchen cabinet.

And an hour later I’ve got five things in my online shopping cart, I’ve wasted an hour, almost wasted $100- and where was I going to store all this stuff I never needed in the first place anyway? Don’t go down this track, instead prevent additional junk and stop catalogs in the mail today. 

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