International Artist Day

International Artist Day
International Artist Day is the perfect day to stop and reevaluate our crafting corner. If you love to create, then clearing a space to get crafty makes sense. While surrounding yourself with supplies and art that inspires you. Here’s a short list of stuff you no longer need:

dried out glue

dried up markers

craft supplies for crafting you no longer do or enjoy (donate these)

excessive quantities of pens

older versions of upgraded items (did you buy a new stencil machine, if so sell or donate the old)

This is where I’d typically say toss, trash, or recycle anything broken – but a a crafter myself, I know those little leftover bits and broken things can be useful when crafting. So they stay.

However you might want to use a lint roller to wipe away any spilled glitter and paper bits.

Live Free Online Program

Let’s make space for joy! Tuesday Oct. 26 6:30pm et online register

12 Day holiday countdown Wed., Oct 27 6:30pm et register

Create a cozy and clutter free home Thursday Oct. 28 6:30pm et register

A Personal Video from Me with Answers to Your Questions

Trying to get your decluttering done? I’ve seen it all, share your project now and I’ll record a personalized video for you, with the exact steps you need to take to calm the chaos.

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