Keep This Toss That

Keep This Toss That by Jamie Novak Now on bookstore shelves and online at IndieBound or Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Keep This Toss That Unclutter Your Life to Save Time, Money, Space, and Sanity a new book by yours truly. I am so excited to share this book with you!

This is unlike any other organizing book out there (really) Keep This Toss That actually shows you what to keep and what to toss.

Quick answers to the one key question you need to answer in order to get organized and save your time, money, space, and sanity: “Should I keep or toss this?”

You’ve finally decided to clean out your kitchen cabinet. You bravely, yet slowly, open the cabinet door, knowing that food storage containers are going to come pouring out like an erupting volcano.

You tediously pick them up and sort them by shape and size. You’re positive you don’t need all 22 containers, but all of a sudden the tiny salad dressing container seems equally as important as the oversized casserole dish.

You can’t decide what to toss so you just stack them back in the cabinet and shut the door quickly.
Have you ever wondered how long sunscreen is good for? Do you spend hours searching for the email you need? Will you regret it tomorrow if you give away all your old concert T-shirts? And how many tote bags will you really use?

Keep This, Toss That answers all of these questions and much more.

Featuring dozens of illustrated Keep/Toss checklists, the book shows you exactly what you need—and what you can safely toss, regret-free—in every room of your house, for each hobby or activity, and even online. It also includes:

•  quick tips on clever storage solutions
•  tools and utensils that can do double-duty
•  advice on how to customize the lists to suit your house, your family, and your lifestyle

Answering the one key question you need to get organized and live happily with just the stuff you love, Keep This, Toss That is the one organizing book you must have.

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