Leftovers and Smoked Green Bean Casserole

Before I share my very super, can’t be more excited, awesomely amazing news I have a service announcement: 

This is your reminder to clear your fridge of Thanksgiving leftovers before they are no longer identifiable. 

Now onto the best news ever – followed by my recipe for my smoked green bean casserole: 

jamie novak organizer expert tips magazine article

It’s here! I got the best surprise today when the FedEx driver dropped off one of the first copies of my new book. I can’t wait for you to read it. 

I wanted to share my favorite page with you, but I couldn’t choose. So, here are a few of my favorites. 

I hope you are ready to celebrate with me. On January 7th Keep This Toss That: The Practical Guide to Tidying Up hits shelves. This is an updated and expanded version of Keep This Toss That. It includes ALL the things you’ve been asking for, like: how to decide which photos to keep, how to deal with paperwork, overcoming procrastination, getting others to tidy-up, and how to break up with sentimental treasures. 

  • If you are in NJ I hope you’ll come to a book-signing
  • Clark B&N Tues., 1/7 7pm
  • Watchung Booksellers in Montclair Thurs., 1/9 7pm 
  • Edison B&N Sat. 1/11 2pm

If you can’t make it in person, mark your calendar for next Tuesday, 12/10 when you can pre-order it online (hint: it makes a very useful holiday gift and a wonderful paperweight to hold down piles of paperwork.)

And as promised, here’s a photo of my holiday smoked green bean casserole. I topped it with French Fried Onions, put it in the oven to brown, forget about it until I smelled something burning, removed from oven just as the onions began to burst into tiny flames. Thankfully, I was able to save it, although it was a little smokey. And this story (which falls under the category of do-not-try-this-at-home) will be added to all the other mishaps that make the holidays memorable; like the time the leg of the dessert table gave out and all the platters came crashing down. Whipped cream and pie everywhere! I was cleaning it up for days. 

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