Let’s find some time for fall fun!

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Is it just me or are you also wondering “where did the summer go?” Yes, I know we still have some days left before the official end of the season. But it feels like it went so quickly. And I’m thinking the same thing is going to happen to the fall.

So, to ensure you have some time to enjoy fun fall activities may I suggest grabbing your calendar now and blocking off some dates.

Choose an afternoon for a trip to pick pumpkins or an evening to try a craft (festive door wreath comes to mind.) In fact I think I still have the wreath frame I bought a few years ago and never used.

Block off time to sip cider unless you don’t like cider then sip pumpkin spice lattes unless you don’t like pumpkin spice then sip whatever seasonal delight you do enjoy.

Bring out the bread maker (and actually make bread.)

Take a walk and notice the changes the season brings.

Recreate a childhood tradition that you look back on fondly.

You can make the time to make it happen. Declutter your calendar enough to make space for a few fun fall things.

Me? I’m going to go through my stack of day trip brochures and this year I’ll actually take a day trip!

Go us – we can do this! Let’s have a fun fall!!

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