National Beer Lovers Day

National Beer Lovers Day

Did you know Jersey Cyclone is my brother-in-law’s brewery? National Beer Lovers Day is a big day for him. For me, not so much – I don’t drink beer. Whether you drink beer or don’t, there is a good chance you still have some beer items in your home. And you might not need them all. Today let’s look at a few things you might be able to declutter from your home:

  1. Beer steins (appraise them online at GoAntiques if you think they might be valuable)
  2. Bottle openers – the rusty ones or the ones that don’t work
  3. Home beer brewing kit – this is how it all started for my brother-in-law
  4. Beer mugs – like the ones that go in the freezer
  5. Beer glasses – the ones that narrow at the bottom so much that you can’t get your hand in to clean them
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