National Booklovers Day

National Booklovers Day

Happy National Booklovers Day! Here are three fun ways to celebrate the day:

Way 1

Straighten up your bookshelf. This is how to organize your bookshelf. Sort out the shelves and make your books easy to view. When you can see all your books you’ll be able to reach for and read them!

Way 2

Consider donating a book you won’t read or re-read. Check with your local library, they may be collecting them for an upcoming book sale. You can post them to a local no-buy group. You can drop them in a Better Word Books collection box. You can give donate them through or If you think you might have a collectable book with value, this is an easy way to check How Much Do Used Books Sell For.

Way 3

Sit down and read that book you keep promising yourself you are going to read. Need a good book? How about mine? Keep This Toss That doubles as a paperweight. So if you don’t read it, at least you’ll have something to hold down your to-be-read pile.

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