National Daiquiri Day

National Daiquiri Day

On National Daiquiri Day let’s sort out the specialty drink makers – and all the makers – in your kitchen cabinet.

Step 1 Look through the cabinets for all the makers, including:

  1. frozen drink makers
  2. ice cream makers
  3. smoothie makers
  4. juice makers
  5. slushy makers
  6. seltzer makers
  7. countertop ice cube makers
  8. popsicle makers (the molds with the sticks kind too) My Mom used to fill these molds with orange juice and it is by far my most favorite flavor of popsicle. Before we got the real mold she’d make them in bathroom Dixie cups. She put foil across the top and poked a hole for the stick to freeze in the correct position. By far the most difficult thing was waiting for them to freeze so I could eat one.

Step 2 Sort the keepers from the “toss/donate” ones.

Remember: Check to see which do more than one thing. You may be keeping dupes, like a drink maker that also juices.

What’s a keeper? The ones you use.
What a toss/donate? The ones you think you will use, but don’t. The ones you haven’t taken out of the box. The ones you were gifted for your wedding (and you have been married 52 years) and have yet to use it. The ones that are more trouble than they are worth. The ones for making things you never eat/drink.

Remember: By giving away any you don’t use or need, you’ll free up space to store the stuff you use.

Step 3 Put the keepers back into the cabinet. Give the “tosses” to someone who will use and appreciate them more than you are.

Where to share: if you have some makers to share, first check with family, friends, and neighbors that entertain a lot. It is possible they might like to take it. Plus, that way you can borrow it if you change you mind. But, if there are no takers you can list it for free on a local “buy nothing” group. And some organizations will accept them for donation. Check out what to donate where.

Great Job!

Now you know today is National Daiquiri Day. Hopefully these suggestions will be useful.

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