National Hammock Day

National Hammock Day

Happy National Hammock Day! It always looks so dreamy to relax in a hammock under a tree. Do you love lounging in a hammock? Or, like me, do you tip out onto the ground? I’ve never been able to gracefully get in or out of a hammock. The one we had when I was a child was made of ropes, which left a waffle pattern on the back of my legs.

What to do with a Broken Hammock

Do you have a rusty hammock frame or a torn hammock collecting dust in the garage? Before you junk a hammock you don’t need or want – but isn’t in good enough condition to share – try giving it to someone who will upcycle it. Some people are skilled at creating a new hammock and painting a frame. Or share the metal frame, some people scrap metal for cash. If your town allows, put it curbside with a “free” sign. Or post it on a local “buy nothing” group. Otherwise, most towns offer a bulk pick up or recycling day.

Where to Share Good Hammocks

If it is a good hammock you never use you can share it. Some organizations accept them, check DonationTown or GoGreenDrop. Or ask a neighbor if they would like to have it.


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