National Make Your Bed Day

National Make Your Bed Day

Today is National Make Your Bed Day! Question, do you make your bed? I make mine, then Holly unmakes it. She likes to scratch the blankets into a round bed (on top of the bed) and cozy up.

Making your bed can make the room look finished. But besides the bed, what about the other spots in your bedroom? The room that is meant to be relaxing, sort of a retreat from the outside world.

Is your bedroom cozy and clutter-free?

Or is it a little messy? Distracting? Are there clothes on the chair, stuff on the dresser, and dust on the nightstand? If that’s the case here’s what you can do to refresh your room:

  1. Clear the top of the nightstand
  2. Remove the stack of stuff to be read
  3. Pick up anything on the floor
  4. Hang up the clothes
  5. Put away the laundry
  6. Check the corners for anything that is piled up there
  7. Declutter the chair or bench if you have one

Ask yourself:

  1. Do I need a new pillow?
  2. Do I need to change the linens?
  3. Do I need to dust?
  4. Do I need to vacuum?
  5. What can I tidy today?

Give yourself the gift of a bedroom space where you can get the best sleep possible.

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