National Sticker Day

Countdown to Clutter Free Take 5-minutes today, on National Sticker Day to check your return address labels and greeting card stickers that are so old they no longer stick. Ready, set, declutter!

Print your fill-in-the-blank calendar here.

Saturday 2pm et (free) online

10-Day New Year Declutter Challenge

If you have too much stuff and not enough time to go through it all then this challenge is for you! During this virtual program author and organizer Jamie Novak will inspire you to tidy-up in just ten minutes a day. You’ll get follow along checklist, handy resources, and lots of tips. She’ll guide you through your first mini task live during the program. By the end of January, you’ll have less clutter and have made noticeable progress. You may have seen Jamie on morning TV or read her newest book, Keep This Toss That. If you are ready for a humorous take on all the clutter we keep then this is the program for you! REGISTER

Saturday 3:30pm et (free) online

Keep This Toss That Finally Get Organized This Year!

If you can’t open your drawers, if clutter topples out of closets, and paperwork covers your tabletops then this program is for you. Log on for de-cluttering tips with organizing humorist and bestselling author Jamie Novak as she shares her humorous approach for what to do with all your stuff – without getting overwhelmed. Wondering what to keep? What to toss? What to share or sell? And how to let it all go? Then log on for this interactive virtual workshop, Jamie will guide you through a tiny tidy up live! REGISTER

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